3 Tips When Requesting for New Features of the Event App

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Given that you already have a provider for the highly-coveted event app, you should know some technicalities when requesting for new features. Here are some tips for event organizers like you to work in conjunction with software and event management solution providers. This will help you set your expectations better, especially if you are not really savvy with how mobile app works. Basically, this post will teach you how to use mobile solutions for complete event planning.

1. Always ask for new features ahead of time.

Many people who are not well-versed with technology would think that it is very easy to develop new app features for Android app event planning solutions. The truth is it’s quite the opposite and time is one of the biggest factors to successfully add a foolproof feature. It takes time to develop a feature in whatever programming language. And it takes time for an app to be published in either the App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android).

If your event is coming up in 10 days and you have just requested from your provider to add a lead capture button, for example, you would be disappointed because they will give you a straight no. It’s only normal, since again, development and publishing takes time.

2. Be willing to pay extra for features outside original agreement.

If you are using a native event app and you feel like it is insufficient to engage your attendees, you may be thinking it’s okay to ask for additional features from the app provider since it is their responsibility to deliver a well-built app. You can be wrong if you think this way. Whenever you sign a contract with an app provider, make sure that all features are specified in written form. This will act as a reference in the future when you have to ask for new options to be added. If you find out that what you are requesting for is outside the original agreement, you should be willing to pay an extra amount of money for the development of event management apps for iPad.

3. Suggest the use of APIs for faster integration of features.

Lastly, try to suggest to your event app provider that they can use APIs to integrate new functionalities in a faster manner. APIs are sets of functions that can be shared between different mobile apps. For example, if you are looking for a “live polls” feature for your next conference, your app provider does not have to make this request from scratch. They can simply integrate APIs for live polling with their current solution. This may be a little technical and, of course, it involves collaborating with other providers. While this may be outside of your control, it pays to let the company know that you wouldn’t mind if they borrow already-existing solutions to save time.

Aside from mobile solutions, you can also find out more about the attendee management software.

How to Look for Event Technology Providers

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The event technology industry is gaining full speed today as more event organisers begin to use solutions such as the event management software and the event app. For this reason, you should be careful in looking for a good provider since there are many run-of-the-mill companies out there. If you are an event planner and you have been meaning to invest in an event planning software, here are five qualities of the best tech provider:

1. Offers a comprehensive solution.

A good complete event planning solution provider offers all their products through a comprehensive package. The trick here is to look for an all-in-one event management platform that has varied products useful for event planning like the check-in software, onsite registration app, and event checkin app. There’s absolutely no need for you to contract different providers for different solutions when there are already companies which offer an expansive array of products such as event registration, event website creation, networking, accommodation, and mobile apps. Using a singular content management system also eliminates the need to continually import or export data between different systems.

2. Invests in excellent customer support.

Any good software company would capitalise on excellent customer support. This should always be on your qualifying list as you go about with your research. While you may find outstanding products and services, not all providers would offer great customer support. This usually ends up with you being frustrated because you cannot take full advantage of the platform that you would want to use.

3. Allows you to have a free trial or demo.

Reliable providers would also allow you to enlist in free trials or demos for you to fully try out their solutions. By having first-hand experience on how to use an event management software or event app, you will be able to deduce which one could be your best choice. Simply relying on presentations or product brochures will always be different compared to hands-on experience. In this website you can review before to pay an event check in app.

4. Communicates using appropriate and professional language.

When looking for an event management software or event app provider, it pays to be very meticulous with the little details such as the quality of communication between yourself and their contact persons. Good customer support is often based on good communication. As you sign up for demos, request for a quotation, or ask for assistance, see if the provider comes off as warm and accommodating. You would not want to work with people who are hard to reach and who show little regard for their customers.

5. Gives you different options depending on your budget

One of the biggest hurdles when looking for an event management software or event app is your budget. Event technologies, while they may be very reliable tools, can become expensive to an extent – especially if not enough of your company budget is allocated for events. For this reason, you should do your research well and look for providers who may offer you different options based on your purchasing power. Most providers would offer product and service packages in different tiers.