Given that you already have a provider for the highly-coveted event app, you should know some technicalities when requesting for new features. Here are some tips for event organizers like you to work in conjunction with software and event management solution providers. This will help you set your expectations better, especially if you are not really savvy with how mobile app works. Basically, this post will teach you how to use mobile solutions for complete event planning.

  1. Always ask for new features ahead of time.

Many people who are not well-versed with technology would think that it is very easy to develop new app features for Android app event planning solutions. The truth is it’s quite the opposite and time is one of the biggest factors to successfully add a fool proof feature. It takes time to develop a feature in whatever programming language. And it takes time for an app to be published in either the App Store (Apple) orthe Play Store (Android).

If your event is coming up in 10 days and you have just requested from your provider to add a lead capture button, for example, you would be disappointed because they will give you a straight no. It’s only normal, since again, development and publishing takes time.

  1. Be willing to pay extra for features outside original agreement.

If you are using a native event app and you feel like it is insufficient to engage your attendees, you may be think in git’s okay to ask for additional features from the app provider since it is their responsibility to deliver a well-built app. You can be wrong if you think this way. Whenever you sign a contract with an app provider, make sure that all features are specified in written form. This will act as a reference in the future when you have to ask for new options to be added. If you find out that what you are requesting for is outside the original agreement, you should be willing to pay an extra amount of money for the development of event management apps for iPad.

  1. Suggest the use of APIs for faster integration of features.

Lastly, try to suggest to your event app provider that they can use APIs to integrate new functionalities in a faster manner. APIs are sets of functions that can be shared between different mobile apps. For example, if you are looking for a “live polls” feature for your next conference, your app provider does not have to make this request from scratch. They can simply integrate APIs for live polling with their current solution. This may be a little technical and, of course, it involves collaborating with other providers. While this may be outside of your control, it pays to let the company know that you wouldn’t mind if they borrow already-existing solutions to save time.

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