How to edit YouTube videos like a pro
Making a YouTube video doesn’t have to be tricky or expensive. When you use a YouTube editor like WeVideo, it’s easy, fast and fun! Upload your own media or choose stock footage from WeVideo’s extensive media library. Add transitions, motion titles, music and more.

Step 1

Create a WeVideo account

Sign up for a WeVideo plan or try it free. WeVideo offers a free online video editor for YouTube you can get started with, or choose a monthly or annual subscription plan to get premium features and benefits.

Step 2

Start creating your video

Open a new edit in WeVideo and upload your own photos and video clips, or search our Essentials library for professional, licensed stock footage and music to amplify any story.

Step 3

Make it your own

WeVideo offers rich editing tools and tons of customization options. Add animated text, voiceover narration and special effects to make your video unique, whether it’s for business, for school or for sharing with family and friends.

Step 4

Publish your video on YouTube

Ready to share your video on YouTube? Share your video directly from WeVideo to YouTube in just a few clicks, or download and save to your device.
Why publish your video to YouTube?
Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? More studies are showing increasing user engagement with video, with YouTube being the king of all video-watching destinations. Need more reasons to publish to YouTube?

Tip #1

Maximize your exposure and reach
YouTube has over 1.3 billion users who watch 5 billion videos a day, and generate 3.25 billion hours of video watch-time per month. What does that mean for you? If you want to get eyes on your video and maximize your brand’s reach, YouTube is the best channel to do so.

Tip #2

Build an audience
By establishing a channel and creating a playlist of videos, you can start attracting a target audience for your videos. This is ideal for businesses, consultants or anyone looking to build a loyal following of viewers. Sure, it takes time, but YouTube’s algorithm is pretty darned good at identifying viewers who might be interested in your video content.

Tip #3

Get to the point quickly
It’s crucial to engage your viewer within the first three seconds of your video. Adding movement, interesting visuals and captions can help hook your viewer and get your message across quickly. Don’t forget to add your branding, which is easy with WeVideo’s templates.
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