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Your complete guide to video marketing

/ Nitesh Dutt

The idea of a business, big or small, needing a video marketing strategy isn’t new. However, the importance of video marketing on every platform and channel has drastically changed. 

What was once a single part of an overall marketing plan, video has become the centerpiece of any outreach and campaign efforts especially when it comes to social media. And, if you’re not creating video then you’re failing your business and brand. 


Creating a video marketing strategy doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. With as little as a smartphone and a WeVideo plan, you can easily create high-quality content. 

We’re here to help you get started by discussing:

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is when businesses use video to promote and market their products and/or services. It is also used to increase engagement on social channels, educate consumers and is a way to reach audiences via a new medium.

Importance of video marketing

How important is video marketing? Well, we’re dedicating a whole blog to it so it must be pretty important and people love video! Don’t believe us, here are some interesting video marketing stats from Hubspot:

  • 88% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI.
  • 93% of brands got new customers because of a social media video.
  • 83% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads.
  • YouTube mobile reaches more 18-34-year-olds in the US than any TV network.
  • YouTube (85%) and Facebook (79%) are the most widely used platforms among marketers.

Most, if not all, social media platforms allow you to post videos that will disappear after a certain amount of time. This new layer of video marketing is super quick and cheap to create content that can be marketed directly to consumers. 

Video marketing strategy

By this point, you’re well aware that the best way to start with video marketing is simply diving right into it. But, it’s important to not lose focus on the bigger picture and think about your video marketing strategy. Here are things to keep in mind when starting out:

  • What goals are you hoping to accomplish?
  • Who’s your target audience for your video marketing content?
  • What types of videos are you trying to make?
  • How much are you spending on creating and distributing videos?
  • Who’s responsible for creating these videos?
  • How will videos fit into other marketing campaigns you’re running?
  • How will you distribute your videos? What channels? Embed? Share? Etc.
  • How do you plan on measuring your video performance?

Types of video marketing

Now that you understand the importance of video marketing and have a video marketing strategy, it’s time to figure out the types of video you want to create. 

Here’s a list of some video marketing ideas:

Customer testimonials

Having customer testimonials can help increase more than sales, they can build trust between consumers and your brand. According to bigcommerce.com, 92% of consumers read online reviews and 88% trust online testimonials before purchasing a product.

Customer testimonials can be the best marketing asset you create

Branding video

To be a successful brand you need video. Wyzowl’s 2021 video marketing statistics show just that:

  • 86% of businesses use video marketing as a campaign tool. 
  • 93% of marketers who use video say that it plays an important role in their marketing strategy.
  • The number of businesses that use video as a marketing tool has increased 41% since 2016.

As a business or brand, creating a video is more than just a marketing tool it’s a key to success.

5 tips to build your brand through video

Customer tutorials

Every consumer has watched their fair share of tutorials on YouTube and a majority of them take that into consideration before making a purchase. Whether it’s a product or service your business provides, a tutorial is a must-have for your video marketing campaign.

How to make a tutorial video

Product demos

The best way to introduce users to a new feature or product and give a rundown of how to use it is with video. Product demos are a great way to do everything above and to build trust between consumers and your brand. The below video is an example of a product demo you can create.



Promo videos are a great way to generate interest and inquiries from target audiences. This can be a highly effective video marketing tool for businesses to use to their advantage. Below is a promo video created by the team at WeVideo and makes great use of stock video, music and tells you all about WeVideo.

30 quick and easy video marketing ideas

Business video marketing ideas

Now, that we’ve discussed the types of videos you can create and you’ve hopefully picked a few, let’s start creating. Before you get going, there are a few things to make sure you have.

  • A plan
    Going into video marketing without a plan is like a pilot flying a plane without a route. It just won’t end well.
  • Script
    Knowing what’ll be said in a video is half the battle. That’s where a script comes in handy.
  • Footage
    You got a plan, a script, now it’s time to shoot. Know the story you want to tell and what shots you need to tell it.
  • Edit your video
    With WeVideo, you can upload your footage and start editing right away. Add music, transitions and much more with WeVideo.

Pick a template

Explore high-quality business templates with a full-featured and FREE trial. Use one to quickly, and easily, create everything from sales promos to how-tos and much more. Here are a few options:

Personal training promo


Use this template


Car dealerships


Use this template



 Use this template

Remote video production 101: Create great marketing videos from home

Distributing your video

Now that you’ve picked a template, edited your video and published it, it’s time to get it out to your audience and consumers. From your own channels to social media, there are many different video hosting platforms for you to use.


From homepages to landing pages, adding a video to your website can help you reach audiences in even more ways than static images. It’s great to get SEO onto your page with a lot of copy and it provides something for visitors to watch and keep them on your website.

Email marketing

We’ve all received long marketing emails full of paragraphs of copy that we tend to delete without a second thought. Add a video to your email to make sure your business doesn’t land in the trash or spam folder. It’s more engaging and is a great way to inform consumers while entertaining them.

How to elevate your email campaigns with video


The second most visited website in the world with roughly 2 billion monthly visitors is also the world’s largest video hosting platform. When it comes to YouTube video marketing there are several reasons that make it a great option to host videos for your campaigns. It’s a great way to build a dedicated audience of subscribers and promote yourself through a variety of advertising options.

A complete guide to YouTube marketing

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Those are the big 3 when it comes to video and social media marketing. People constantly scroll through their feeds, seeing what friends and family are up to, getting the latest celebrity gossip and looking up the hottest brands. Be one of those brands that stands out on social media with a stellar video that engages audiences, increases revenue and builds trust within your brand. 


If you’re producing content to highlight company news, events and general business information, LinkedIn is the platform you need. It’s not a place to post promos or ads unless you’re a B2B company. Videos for this platform can be more informational and have more of a business tone.

5 ways to boost your video engagement on social media

Tracking your video’s performance

You know what video marketing is now and the importance it plays in the success of your business. We gave you some ideas, templates and even ideas where to post your videos. How do you know if your video marketing is working? There are a few statistics to keep in mind and track:

  • Watch time: Amount of time the average viewer watches your video. The lower this time the more cause for concern there is.
  • View count: Measures the amount of time your video has been viewed. This is different for each channel the video is posted on.
  • Engagement: All about likes, comments and shares. Indicates how far-reaching your video is and how much it resonates with viewers. 
  • Click-through rate: The percentage of viewers who click on your video’s CTA (call to action) and continue on to another page of yours.
  • Conversion rate: This is the percentage of viewers who take that next and most important step by going from viewers to customers.

Ready to start creating your own video marketing campaigns? Sign up for your very own WeVideo Business or Professional subscription today to get business templates, branding elements and more!

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