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Writing a script isn’t easy...or, is it?

/ Nitesh Dutt

Well, no... writing a video script isn't easy. But, there are ways to make it less difficult for you and your team. 

As video marketing continues to trend upwards and become the go-to form of content for companies big and small it is important to remember that it takes more than flashy animation and neat edits to make your video content great. 

One thing that tends to be overlooked is the script. Just like any great Hollywood film, a bad script can outshine great imagery.

What can you do to make sure your videos don't fall flat and that what is being said will keep your audience engaged? Here are a few things to remember when writing a video script:

Get your team on the same page

This is a great and easy way to make sure everyone involved in creating a video is on the same page. Some questions to focus on are:

  • What is the goal of the video?
  • What is the topic?
  • Who is the audience for the video?
  • What should viewers learn from watching the video?
  • What are we asking viewers to do when they finish watching our video?

Outline your thoughts

You're probably thinking, can't I jump right into writing my script? NO! NO, YOU CAN'T!


Writing an outline will not only help you plan out what to say, but it can also help break up your video into sections. You'll not only get a good idea of how to segment your video, but you'll also see how it'll progress and figure out what needs to be added or removed.

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Make sure to hook ‘em

writing a scriptJust like any good piece of marketing, your video needs to hook your audience right away. According to a study from Wyzowl, the average human attention span is a lowly 8 seconds, which is a sharp decrease of 12 seconds in 2000. Hooking your audience within the first 10 seconds increases the odds of keeping them engaged and around for the rest of your message.

Keep your script simple

When you start writing your script, keep in mind why you're making a video. There's no need to overthink things, or else you risk straying away from your main reason/topic of the video. Keep your ideas concise and to the point. The outline should help keep you on track, but always remember your central idea and build your script around it. 

Speak TO not AT your audience

Audiences watch movies to escape reality and get away from their own lives for a while. Your marketing video is no different. Maybe not an escape, but they are looking for information and want to feel engaged while being entertained. They don't want to be lectured or talked down to. Writing your script like you're having a conversation will help keep your audience interested and could help them feel closer to your brand. 

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Practice, practice...PRACTICE!

In the famous words of Allen Iverson, "We talkin’ about practice?!". Yes, Allen. Yes, we are. You would never go into a presentation without looking over your notes and preparing all of your material, so why would you not practice your script? Whether it's on your own or in front of coworkers, taking the time to read your script aloud will make a difference. As the old adage goes, "practice makes perfect."

Time your script

Not all videos are created equal. Depending on their purpose and channel, the length of your video will vary. For product demos and in-depth tutorials, you would write a script that has a slower pace as those videos tend to be a little longer. If you’re doing a video for social media, then you’d want a script that is straight to the point for a shorter and faster-paced video.

A few final tips, or tricks, before we wrap this up. First, memorizing a script can be hard, so we recommend placing your laptop on a table, stool, or any piece of sturdy furniture that’s high enough to read off of. To make this even easier, over at WeVideo we use easyprompter.com. Lastly, make sure your video has a call to action. Just like any good piece of marketing, your video should have an action for viewers to take. Make sure it’s clear and appealing enough, so audiences are willing to do what you’re asking for.

Now that you have pointers and are ready to get started, find the tools and other features you need to make a great video with one of WeVideo’s plans

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