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What will your students do with 650,000+ media assets at their fingertips? Introducing WeVideo Essentials

/ Rebecca Young

Fourth graders in San Francisco, CA bring their imagination to life with WeVideo Essentials.
The Internet is supposed to put the world’s accumulated knowledge at your students’ fingertips. So why must young video creators waste 30 frustrating minutes in the wilderness searching for a ten-second clip of a spiral galaxy, only to then be told that they are violating someone’s copyright?
With WeVideo Essentials™, that ends today!
WeVideo Essentials is the tremendous new library of professionally-sourced assets—more than 450,000 photos, 115,000 video clips, and 110,000 audio clips—that WeVideo has added to every WeVideo for Schools account. The library also includes tons of backgrounds, illustrations, sound effects and more.
The WeVideo Essentials Highlights:

    1. No added cost for WeVideo for Schools accounts. That’s right, it’s all included!
    1. Safe, secure, walled searching
    1. All assets are licensed- and royalty-free—we support good digital citizenship
    1. Easy access directly within the WeVideo app that you know and love.
  1. Did we mention no added costs for pro assets that would cost thousands and thousands of dollars elsewhere!

The most effective learning takes place when distractions are kept to a minimum. That’s why we made sure that access to WeVideo Essentials is easy and students find exactly what they need, quickly.
The next time you or your students open WeVideo, you will see that we have added a new tab that looks like this:
WeVideo Essentials Search
The search will default to a topical subject so that you and your students will see inspiring content right away. Just enter your search term of interest (e.g., we used “space” here) and the window will immediately populate with relevant media assets—stunning photos of stars, video clips of swirling galaxies, and even space-themed music clips.
A drop-down menu makes it easy to filter search results by media type (videos, images, or audio). What if you have something more specific in mind? Additional tools let you limit the search results to, for example, just sound effects (pew! pew!). The user can also add modifier terms in the search bar to further refine their search.
WeVideo Essentials advanced filtering
Once relevant assets are found, students can mark them as favorites and they’ll be stored in a favorites list, individual to each user, ready for use in any current or future projects.
We gave some of our WeVideo Ambassadors a sneak preview and here is what they had to say:
WeVideo Ambassador Jennifer LebanJennifer Leban, a technology teacher at Sandburg Middle School, Elmhurst, IL said, “With the addition of the WeVideo Essentials media library, WeVideo increases access to content, empowering students to create more quickly and easily. This new feature can provide instant inspiration, serving as a launching point for storytelling and sharing information.”
Bruce_ReicherBruce Reicher, technology broadcasting teacher at Upper Saddle River Schools, NJ said,  “Adding licensed videos, images, and music that are free is a game changer for my students. It's going to be very helpful having all those assets right in the WeVideo environment when my students need additional footage to support the interviews and stories that they create for our daily morning news show.”
We’re excited for you and your students to dive into WeVideo Essentials. If you already have a WeVideo for Schools account, you’ll find WeVideo Essentials ready and waiting for your next project. Not yet on an education plan? Now is a great time to start your teacher trial and get your feet wet. Or, consider a free, 90-day structured pilot evaluation for your entire school or district. For a limited time, you can start a no-cost structured pilot evaluation program by 3/17 and save 25% when you purchase by 6/30.