How to speed up/slow down your video

/ Nitesh Dutt

We’ve all seen those videos on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, the ones where they speed up or slow down the video for a really cool effect. Doesn’t matter the industry or business you’re in, these effects can be a simple way to take your videos to the next level. They’re entertaining, awe-inspiring and engaging, which is why we’re talking about it. 

Learning how to change the speed of your video, otherwise known as fast-motion/slow-motion effects, isn’t as scary as you might think. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can add these effects to your own video with WeVideo.

How to make a fast-forward video

Create a project

After you log in and arrive at the WeVideo dashboard, you can decide to create a video from scratch or start with one of our video templates. Considering the effect you’re trying to make, we recommend uploading your own media or using stock footage

Upload your media

Next, you’ll want to upload your media or choose stock footage you want to use in your video. For this example, I’ll be using footage of people running from our stock library. WeVideo’s royalty-free media library is included in the Professional and Business plan.

Change speed on your video

Here comes the fun part. When adding the slow-motion or fast-forward effect to your video, select the clip you want and double-click. The clip editor will pop up and you’ll hit the last button on the top. 

Add slow-motion

To make a video slower, slide the ‘Value’ scale to the left. You may have to give this a couple of tries before finding the right speed.

Add fast-forward

To make your video go faster is just like slowing it down. Instead of sliding the scale to the left, you’ll slide to the right until you find the speed you like.

Check out this episode Tuesday Tips and Tricks on slow motion and fast motion video for even more tips on using this effect.


With the tools and knowledge, you just learned you can go out and start adding slow motion or fast motion to your own videos. Add these effects and take the videos you created to the next level. Leave them in awe and expand your brand easily with these tools.

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