Build confidence and connections

WeVideo helps students develop social-emotional skills
WeVideo is designed to support student-centered, personalized learning across subjects and grade levels.
Social-emotional learning and WeVideo
Voice and choice
By creating media, students have a sense of ownership in their learning and can tap into their individual passions and strengths. Rather than being passive consumers, they become hands-on creators.
Celebrate all learning styles
With unlimited creative possibilities, every student can express what they’ve learned in ways completely unique to them. This includes the process they use to learn new concepts, as well as how to demonstrate their understanding of new concepts.
Safe space for expression
WeVideo provides a safe space for students to think creatively and express themselves authentically. Students can share ideas, come up with new ones and work together toward a common goal.
True collaboration happens in real time
WeVideo’s real-time collaboration feature allows students to work together on multimedia projects from anywhere, on any device.
How does WeVideo help students collaborate?
Hear from Innovation Curriculum Specialist, Maria Arfanakis, on what makes WeVideo such an effective tool for collaboration.
Bring it! Tools for deeper learning in your district
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