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On-demand webinars

Miss a past webinar? Check out these popular recorded versions of our webinars now available on demand.
Remote Learning with WeVideo
1 hour | beginner
Remote Learning can seem daunting to wrap our heads around. But by providing teachers and students with a few ideas and options,...
Teachers: Using WeVideo with Students
1 hour | beginner
Learn how to set up your classes and student rosters, create and assign projects, upload media and other key features for working...
GCE: WeVideo & Remote Learning
1 hour | beginner
This webinar provides a "how-to" on navigating the platform and equips you with practical ideas to keep students engaged during...
GCE: Winning Videos & New WeVideo Classes Feature
1 hour | beginner
The winning GCErs showcase their videos and reflect on the process of video creation. We also give you a sneak peek into the New...
Leading Through Remote Learning with WeVideo
1 hour | intermediate
The goal of this webinar is to support schools to form insights, ideas, and plans moving forward as they prepare for remote...
Creating Mathematics Instructional Videos
1 hour | beginner
We focus on the essential components of an effective literacy mini-lesson in WeVideo to create engaging instructional videos!
Creating Authentic Assessments
1 hour | intermediate
In this webinar, Starr and Nathan will share some ways we can authentically assess students, while continuing to also provide a...
Creating Science Instructional Videos
1 hour | beginner
This webinar will focus on the essential components of an effective science mini-lesson, and support teachers in integrating...
Video editing in real-time with WeVideo for Schools
0.5 hour | beginner
With real-time collaboration, multiple people can edit the same video at the same time. This makes it easy for students and...
Creativity with Lenovo and WeVideo
1 hour | beginner
Getting (and keeping) students engaged in the learning process can be an eternal struggle. Hear from experts and other teachers...