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WeVideo and StoryCenter Partner to Democratize Storytelling

/ Nikolay Tchaouchev

WeVideo, Inc., the leading online video creation platform, today announced a partnership with StoryCenter enabling more people to tell their personal stories through video.
"The partnership with StoryCenter is a natural evolution in our mission to make video storytelling and collaboration available to everyone. WeVideo started by making video creation accessible across all devices - mobile, tablets, laptops and personal computers. Then we focused on onboarding of our users by adding online learning resources and making an adaptive user interface. The next step is to inspire and guide our users to tell stories - and StoryCenter is the perfect partner for us,” says Bjørn Rustberggaard, COO and Co-Founder of WeVideo.
“I’m really proud to be able to work closely with the organization that created the Digital Storytelling movement more than twenty years ago and has made Digital Storytelling part of our vocabulary in both business and education."
WeVideo will give those StoryCenter public workshop participants who opt in a free, three-month premium subscription to WeVideo and will make it easy for these participants to share their stories on a WeVideo Storytelling Channel which will be used to inspire storytellers around the world. StoryCenter will provide professional development to WeVideo staff, show its workshop participants how to share stories to the WeVideo channel, and provide WeVideo with product feedback.
"The world is moving to the cloud, and so is Digital Storytelling with the enormously innovative online tool WeVideo," responds Joe Lambert, Founder and Director of StoryCenter.
"The cross-platform, affordable, and easy-to-use editor has the potential to revolutionize the practices of Digital Storytelling in countless contexts. We can see teachers creating collaborative projects in international educational exchanges, small companies encouraging storytelling about their engagement with customers with the customers themselves, social service and human rights advocates working in new partnerships with local communities via the web, and many, many more uses. We are more than pleased to join forces with Bjørn and his team."

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