How to Hire Instagram Influencers

So you’re looking for an Instagram Influencer. You found an Instagram influencer who’s a great fit for your brand, contacted them and they’re eager to work with you. What’s next? What’s the process of how to hire Instagram Influencers?

After finding your influencer, the next step is to actually bring that person on board and hire them. How to hire Instagram influencers involves first establishing a relationship with that person. Then comes working together to create a campaign and figuring out the best way to make sure everyone’s on the same page and that deadlines will be met. Then you’re off to the races with your Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign.

How To Hire Instagram Influencers: Know What They Want

Working with and hiring Instagram influencers is all about building quality, ideally long-lasting relationships with those influencers. The 2017 State of the Creator Economy study (SOCE) found that, these days, influencers are more selective about who they work with and about the campaigns they take on.

That means that an influencer is going to be interested in actually establishing a connection with brands he or she partners with, and in only working with brands that mesh naturally with the type of content the influencer produces.

In fact, the SOCE found that the two most important factors for influencers were a brand’s fit with their content or a brand that they’d be proud to represent, and a brand or campaign that their audience would find interesting.

Creating An Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign

Once you know what your influencer is looking for in a relationship, it’s time to set about actually building a campaign with him or her.

Relevance to the influencer’s voice and audience interest will help you both decide which type of campaign is going to have the greatest impact. Generally speaking, there are two ways to go when it comes to putting together a campaign. You can give the influencer a good deal of freedom to create photos and videos using your products, or you can put together the campaign yourself and ask the influencer to execute it.

An example of the former might be to give your influencer a few dresses to style, then give her free reign to show them off as #OOTDs or as part of a 10 by 10 collection.

An example of the latter might be you putting together an outfit for the influencer and having someone from your team take pictures of her, which she then shares on her Instagram account.

Negotiating Influencer Prices for Projects

Did you know there’s a huge disconnect between what brands expect to pay and what influencers expect to be paid? The SOCE found that the price brands expect to pay is often 13 times the price the average influencer actually charges.

If you use an influencer marketplace to find your Instagram influencer, one of the benefits is the two-way bidding feature. With two-way bidding, you can have the influencer name a price, then come back with a counter-offer. Influencers also set their minimum prices for a project, as well as kill fees if project fall through.

Tracking Status and Accountability

You really don’t want your influencer to ghost you in the middle of a project. Another benefit of using a marketplace is  you’re able to keep tabs on how the campaign is progressing. You can actually measure the impact your influencer’s posts are having in real-time.

The marketplace also allows you to vet and approve any posts and projects before they go live. That means you can confirm that your influencer included any required disclosures in the post. And you can confirm your Instagram influencer didn’t make any mistakes—all before the world sees the post.

Paying Instagram Influencers

Let’s face it: Influencers are in this for the money. According to the SOCE, influencer engagements are the leading source of income for half of all influencers.

Luckily, using an influencer marketplace streamlines the payment process. No more worries about cutting your influencer a check and losing it in the mail. When posts publish, you can use the marketplace to send your influencers payments immediately.

Now that you know how to hire Instagram Influencers, you’re probably ready to launch your first Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign.