Optimizing Social Media Conversions

It’s easy for brands and marketers to get caught up in the excitement, cool factor, fun and creative energy of a social media campaign and get distracted by all of its moving parts and momentum. But getting the results you want from a social media campaign means your enthusiasm also has to be data- and results-driven.

And that means you must focus on and monitor your social media conversion rates in order to optimize them. It’s an important way to determine ROI and find out which parts of your social media campaign are working best and which might need a makeover.

What Is a Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is the percentage of consumers who take the action you want them to take. That action can be anything from clicking on a link to get more information about a product or service to actually buying that product or service. It could range from filling out a survey or answering a question to downloading something like an ebook or signing up for a newsletter.

A conversion rate is important because it tells you how your social media content is doing. If users are taking the action you want them to, and in the numbers you’re aiming for, then you’ll know that you’ve led a successful social media campaign. It’s one thing for your social media campaign to get a lot of buzz and for everyone to like it, but it’s another — even better — thing to get quantifiable results in the form of conversions.

How to Measure Your Social Media Conversion Rate

A number of different types of social analytics tools like Google Analytics and Pinterest Promoted Pins are available for brands and marketers to use to measure social media conversion rates. Do the research to see which one is best for you, depending on your conversion goals. There are a lot of options out there to help you drill into the data and help drive conversions.

With Google Analytics, you can see things like the social media platforms that are driving the most traffic to your website. Or, for example, if your conversion goal is brand awareness, then brand-monitoring tools like HootSuite Insights let you know when your brand is being discussed on social media and how those numbers compare to those of your competitors.

Top Tips for Optimizing Social Media Conversion Rates

In order to optimize social media conversion rates, that is, to get the best results possible, think about implementing these tried-and-tested practices in your strategy: