What Is Episodic Content Marketing?

There’s no denying the significance of content marketing as a successful strategy for growth. It offers potential for building brand awareness, lead generation, engagement and sales. No wonder that 90 percent of all organizations use content marketing, according to Demand Metric. All the success stories make it clear you should be thinking about developing your own content strategy; but the crowded market makes it increasingly difficult to get your voice heard. Episodic content marketing may be the solution. It lets you create consistently engaging material without having to burn yourself out keeping up with the output of rival companies.

Defining Episodic Content

As its name suggests, episodic content is any form of content divided into episodes or installments. For example, you might decide to divide a lengthy 2,000-word blog post into four 500-word blogs. 

However, developing episodic content is slightly more intricate than simply chopping material into smaller chunks. The intention is to provide satisfying content that still leaves the consumers hungry for more, encouraging them to check back in every day. Ideally, you want people to subscribe to your mailing list, channel or service to ensure they don’t miss out on any of the installments.

Content Storytelling

At the heart of the concept is the idea of telling a story. Adapting concepts from serialized television shows, comic books and other entertainment sources, you gradually unfold your narrative. Each new episode fleshes out your ideas and provides your audience with a deeper understanding, while leaving a hint of more revelations if they come back for the next chapter. The gradual reveals hook the audience, and develop a stronger level of engagement.

Types of Episodic Content

The concept works for all forms of content, such as podcasts and blogs, but is frequently seen with online videos. The episodic approach is familiar to audiences accustomed to television shows broken up over a number of episodes in multiple seasons.

Benefits of Episodic Content Marketing

At first, the idea of withholding content from your audience to share later may seem risky. After all, you don’t want to annoy fans by preventing them from finding answers. However, this approach does offer many benefits; and when it’s done well, it has the potential to be very successful. Benefits include:

Disadvantages of Episodic Content Marketing

Episodic content isn’t without risks. It’s important to commit fully to the concept to avoid potential pitfalls:

Tips for Creating Episodic Content

Creating episodic content isn’t that different from creating any other content. It still needs to be good quality material that people want to search for and consume. As you start to develop your new content marketing strategy, keep in mind the following:

In Conclusion

Episodic content marketing offers a host of benefits, but it takes commitment to do it well. As you’re working on new content, keep the bigger picture in mind: How does the content relate to your main message? What is the hook that keeps your audience coming back for more? Get it right, and you have a real opportunity to elevate your content in a crowded market.