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Getting so close!

By June 30, 2006December 17th, 2021Blog

The article in Business Week came out about an hour ago. We were totally freaking out because we got a call from one of our buddies that said he just got his Business Week and it wasn’t in there. We were totally crushed. What the hell happened??? I thought we were all good to go and it would be in on Friday!!

I immediately jumped in my car to run to 7-11 and pick up a copy across the street. 7-11 had a ton of poker magazines and every skin magazine you could think of but not a single business magazine. I asked the clerk if they carried Business Week and she said “is that a magazine?”. I immediately offered her a job and she is our newest team member.

As it turns out my buddy had the wrong issue. Adam found the article online shortly after I told him that we were screwed. We are about 1 hour from launch… i hope. Just doing some final testing….