Top 10 Restaurant Vloggers

Whether they’re searching out the best seafood on the coast or the best street vendors in Southeast Asia, these restaurant vloggers and foodies are eager to find the best bites.

From buffets and franchises to Michelin-starred fine dining, these restaurant vloggers enjoy not only eating, but also reviewing establishments and menu items for their followers. Although many of these influencers have multiple social media platforms, video usually makes for the best format.

10 restaurant vloggers with delicious content

Will and Dawn

Exploring the back roads of America together, Will and Dawn have amassed 65K subscribers on YouTube. Their Southern-focused reviews have featured catfish restaurants and barbecues to steakhouses and a farmhouse-turned-grill. Because the South is about more than food, there are also videos about their adventures: classic car shows, Dollywood, parades and even the world’s largest Christmas store.

Sandy Breitmeier

Sandy is a German expat living in London who travels the world looking for delicious food and adventure — including cruise ship meals. Her video of Trentino, Italy, included meeting with local food producers. Inspiring her viewers to think beyond stew and potatoes, Sandy’s review of restaurants in Ireland featured modern surprises and vegan options. But it was her food tour in Spain that may have impressed her the most, especially the octopus.

Wilson K Lee

Wilson is a restaurant influencer, but not for reviewing local joints. Instead, he helps his 92.5K YouTube subscribers turn their food and beverage concept into a reality by providing expert tips and tricks on everything from writing a restaurant business plan to calculating food costs. There are also restaurant marketing strategies and hiring tips with information on the traits of good employees.

Rebecca Doudak

Rebecca is passionate about spreading practical vegan eating tips and down-to-earth environmentalism. Her YouTube subscribers tune in for the restaurant reviews and affordable dining, but she recently built a camper with her father to travel the country and do restaurant reviews. Check out the videos of Sandy tasting every single vegan item at Avocaderia and eating giant sushi at Sushirito. Don’t miss her review of Doomie’s in Los Angeles, which serves vegan fast food.

Mark Wiens

Mark is unapologetic about his belief that “food is the reason you should travel,” and with 8.25 million YouTube subscribers, he must be onto something. He’s eaten at restaurants all over the world, including the oldest restaurant in California and a famous soul food restaurant in Louisiana. But he’s also been to what is arguably the best high-end dining establishment in Tel Aviv and eaten $300 sushi in Tokyo.

Shu Lin

Shu keeps a visual diary of various chapters of her life that celebrate the things she loves most, including food and travel. Her 67.9K YouTube followers have gotten tips on what to eat in Toronto and 18 things you must eat in Hong Kong. Her trips always include food, but Shu always finds time to showcase other aspects of the destinations she visits, like her video about eating and exploring Dominica.

Sonny Side

Food expert Sonny has tried everything from poisonous pufferfish in Japan to spiders and insects in Vietnam. But there are plenty of videos of delicious “regular” food to get his 7.58 million YouTube subscribers drooling, like Tex-Mex cuisine in Texas and the world’s most expensive French toast. If you love Creole food, don’t miss his stop to visit the gumbo queen.

Gary Hanson

Gary offers his 52.6K YouTube subscribers a fun mix of food-related reviews that run the gamut from candy bars and popular fast food to new menu items and affordable restaurants. According to the comments, he tempted his followers to try Applebee’s Cheetos Boneless Wings. Gary also did a collaoration with several other food reviewers in which he reviewed two local restaurants. Those who love new menu items should be sure to watch Gary’s review of Red Lobster’s Wagyu bacon cheeseburger.

Trevor James

Trevor is all about eating what locals eat, whether he’s in China, Singapore, or Thailand. His travels have given him the ability to eat very spicy food. While in Dubai, he ate a Golden Billionaire Burger in the world’s tallest restaurant and an insane seafood platter at Al Qbabh restaurant. Be sure to catch the video of Trevor eating (very chewy) ox penis soup in Malaysia. (Yes, you read that right).

Mike Chen

Known to his 3.92 million YouTube subscribers as “Strictly Dumpling,” Mike is all about all-you-can-eat buffets, traditional Asian food, and eating every form of meat in existence. He has tried the best-rated barbecue in Texas and a famous $278 ultimate lobster seafood tray in San Pedro, California. But his followers especially love when he gorges at buffets, like the clips of him eating unlimited king crab, burgers, and steak in Chicago and indulging at Pennsylvania’s largest Amish buffet.


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