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Have you noticed more people on your social feed who are getting out into nature? It feels like everyone is headed to the hills these days. Maybe this renewed sense of outdoor adventure is a product of the pandemic, but no matter the reason, some of the posts are simply amazing to look at.

Mountain Travel Influencers

Here’s a list of ten influencers who are singing (and photographing, live streaming, and writing about) the praises of Mother Nature.

Will Tang

Experienced travelers will often comment on a destination’s food, culture, and history, but Will Tang’s social media posts also focus on the region’s opportunities for outdoor adventure. His trip to Hong Kong, for example, proved to be a surprise with its nearby hiking trails, eco-friendly destinations, and landscapes. 

Other mountain adventures have included hiking Elephant Mountain in Taipei, snowshoeing up the Valley of the Ghosts in Quebec, and scaling a mountain in Switzerland. 

Chris Han

Being a fashion and lifestyle content creator can be glamorous, but even those who love their job need a break every once in a while. In August, Chris Han headed to the Vasquez Rocks in the California mountains and shared photos of her family excursion with her 2M Instagram followers. It’s not the first time Chris has incorporated her love of travel and photography. Her blog is filled with photoshoots from Shanghai to Vegas and, of course, she traveled to New York for Fashion Week.

Kraig Adams

If a solo hike through Peru or Italy sounds interesting, you may want to check out Kraig Adams and his 639K YouTube subscribers. The mountain hiking enthusiast frequently posts about his global adventures, including treks up the summit of a volcano in Guatemala and solo hiking 40 miles in Los Nevados, Columbia. The filmmaker and self-described minimalist even gave his 639k subscribers a glimpse of his low-key personality in a recent interview.

Nadine Sykora 

Travel vlogger Nadine Sykora has been to 55+ countries and uses her social media platforms to share travel hacks, tips, packing guides, and destination ideas. She chronicles life on the road in her VW campervan, including a recent trip to the mountains in British Columbia while 33 weeks pregnant! 

Thanks to paid partnerships with brands like Best Western, her 91.8K Instagram followers reap the benefits of her travel to mountainous states like Colorado and Montana.

Luke Damant

Tune in to Luke Damant’s Instagram and you’re likely to see him on a horse in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan or watching a sunrise from the peak of a mountain in India. But it’s the Australian traveler’s YouTube channel that draws 369K subscribers, with exciting adventures and engaging commentary. 

The bungee jump in the mountains of Central Asia to commemorate his 21st birthday is perhaps only rivaled by the video where he finds a field of marijuana plants in the Vietnam mountains. 

Mario Rigby

Born in Turks & Caicos Island, raised in Germany, and living in Canada by age 16, Mario Rigby was born to be an explorer. He spent two years walking the entire length of Africa, which fueled his curiosity about the world. In recent years, Mario has camped in the woods in British Columbia and hiked Wedge Mountain to see the lake and glacier as part of his cross-continent cycling tour to promote the inclusion of diversity in the outdoors. 

Kyle O’Grady

Don’t let the name fool you; Kyle O’Grady (Kyle Hates Hiking) actually LOVES hiking. His love of trails started when he was 16 and learned about the Appalachian Trail. In 2018, he hiked from Georgia to Maine and he’s been chronicling hiking trips ever since. Some of his most popular uploads on YouTube include near-death experiencestips on backpacking gear, and Q&As. He also hosts the “Trail Tales” podcast

Brooklyn Bell 

If she’s not skiing, climbing, or backpacking, Brooklyn is biking a mountain trail. She is an artist for a rock-climbing community for women of color called Brown Girls Climb and designed the “Love Ur Momma” line of active gear for Smith. 

Her paid partnership with Subaru included a commercial featuring her mountain biking and skiing. Brooklyn’s 51.5K followers seem to revel in the fierce action shots of her jumps in the woods.

Isabel Paige

Living alone in the mountains isn’t always perfect, but it’s not likely a lifestyle that Isabel will trade anytime soon. Her videos of solo runs, swims, and yoga keep her 518K YouTube subscribers tuned in. She recently started monetizing her channel, including a sponsorship from BetterHelp on her Q&A post. For still photos summarizing her mountain lifestyle, follow her on Instagram. 

Edward Shin

A video creator who loves the outdoors, Edward Shin makes videos about car camping, gear reviews, and overlanding. If you’re curious about rooftop camping or camp cooking, for example, join his 62.8K YouTube subscribers. Shin has plenty of camping videos and he sells his own merch too.

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