Top Mom Vloggers Share Tips, Challenges

Being a mom means juggling a lot of hats. Some of these mom vloggers make it look easy as they share tips on everything from makeup and meal prep to fashion and decorating. Others use their social media platforms to reveal some of the challenges and struggles they regularly experience, including exhaustion, postpartum depression, getting fit, and finding time to get everything done. 

Because not all moms are the same, you’ll find a variety of topics covered on these vlogs. There are working moms who are trying to find balance, new moms trying to adjust to parenthood, moms of twins, entrepreneur moms, and moms trying to find camaraderie in the funny moments that inevitably come with having kids.

10 mom vloggers who keep it real

Take a look at these 10 mom vloggers, some of whom you can work with today on Shake.

Madison Miller

Busy mom Madison makes juggling two little ones look easy and she’s eager to share her tips. Her 213K YouTube subscribers can learn how to pack for Disneyland for a baby and toddler one day and see how to declutter and organize a pantry the next. This Shake influencer shares must-haves in her diaper bag and essentials that all multitasking moms should have.

Dani McCormick

Have you ever argued with a 3-year-old about what color straw he needs? Shake influencer Dani McCormick has, and she’s not shy about sharing the many facets of parenting with her followers. There are the precious moments, when the kids are sleeping like angels, but also playful moments, like when the family played “Try Not to Laugh” and highly relatable annoying kids songs. Dani also shares pizza cutter snack hacks, videos of homeschooling, and that time Dad let the kids drink chocolate syrup from the bottle.

Brittany Nichols

Brittany is proof that incorporating lifestyle, fashion, and travel into your life after kids is not only possible, but also very gratifying. An avid Disney fan and Shake influencer, Brittany shares her love of the Magic Kingdom with her son and takes her followers on a scavenger hunt for Ratatouille “Easter eggs.” You’ll get recipes for some of her favorite treats, like this pumpkin smoothie and plenty of holiday-themed videos, like this take on the two types of people in November

Maddie Lambert

Pregnant at 13, Maddie Lambert has grown up on YouTube and shares experiences with her 1.57 million subscribers. Now she posts a mix of typical teen stuff — like impulsively cutting her hair and applying makeup — and motherhood-focused content. Her videos on being a teen mom are often authentic and entertaining.

Kyrah Edwards

With 542K subscribers, Kyrah is a full-time wife, mom, and lifestyle blogger who started her YouTube channel in 2016. She posts beauty tips and product reviews on nail care, makeup, and curly hair, as well as honest takes on weight loss and self-worth. She frequently includes her adorable kids in her videos.

Katie Sottile

You’d be wrong to assume that motherhood and lifestyle vlogger Katie is too busy with three kids to maintain order in her house. Her 69.4K YouTube subscribers tune in for tips on deep cleaning, decluttering, and organizing. Add in cooking, shopping, and decorating to the mix of posts and you can see why subscribers flock to her content.

Jessica Tull

Jessica’s 516K YouTube subscribers appreciate her mix of content, which include raw moments as a mother of three balanced with motivational videos on cleaning, organizing, and meal prepping. She even appeared on “Good Morning America” for her motivational cleaning videos. If you need some incentive to clean before guests arrive or get your garage in order, this influencer can help.   

Kendra Atkins

Life with twin girls and a little boy is never slow, but it’s also never boring. Kendra’s videos range from decluttering closets and housecleaning to organizing cabinets and healthy eating. How can one woman accomplish all of this with a smile? Well, Kendra is all about being authentic, so there are real moments of vulnerability in her posts, like this emotional video about motherhood and these Q&As about her life. 

Jazmine Lattimore

A night nurse and single mom of two, Jazmin sometimes resembles a cross between Superwoman and the Energizer Bunny. She got so motivated watching cleaning videos that she made her own. It’s no wonder she gets questions about how she balances work, school, and motherhood.

Rylee Jade

Offering a mix of beauty, fashion and motherhood videos to her 78.4K YouTube subscribers, Rylee always manages to come across as down to earth by sharing honest videos of her routines. There are also helpful tips for handling tantrums, her self-care regimen, and how she keeps a tidy home. The videos that pull in the most views though are her try-on hauls where she models clothes.


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