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woman wearing white blazer and white hat; fashion bloggers

An estimated 10% of all blogs focus on fashion, which means there could be up to 60 million fashion blogs online. For brands looking to connect with fashion bloggers, that means there are literally millions to choose from. How can a brand narrow the search? Consider your target audience, brand values, and start your research by checking out these 12 fashion influencers with popular blogs. Their followers look to them for incredible style, unique finds and practical tips.

woman wearing white blazer and white hat; fashion bloggers

12 fashion bloggers with unique style

Take a minute to draw inspiration from this list of fashion-forward icons.

Rachel Chen

One of Chicago’s biggest influencers, Rachel Chen runs a hot fashion blog, VintageDolls, that’s a hit far beyond the city’s borders. She’s a Shake influencer whose posts cover everything from must-have fall accessories to backless dresses. Her winter looks get a lot of engagement on Instagram, where she also shares travel experiences with her 1 million-plus followers. 

Blair Eadie

With more than a decade of experience as one of the top fashion bloggers, Blair Eadie launched Atlantic-Pacific to showcase her unique style. A style she describes as “timeless and classy with a bit of quirk.” Her blog is full of curated looks, like this elegant and noticeable outfit with pops of green or this holiday-inspired top. Blair shares her trendy style with her 1.7 million Instagram followers, too.     

Ashleigh Hutchinson

Ashleigh has a talent for teaching mature women how to curate their own style. Her blog, The Daileigh, helps women over 40 avoid drab, frumpy looks and instead find affordable, functional clothes that can be mixed and matched. Her posts on layering and Pinterest posts on fall boot styles are informative and fashion-forward.

Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren

Hailing from The Netherlands, Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren now lives in NYC, where she has built an online fashion brand. Charlotte’s blog, The Fashion Guitar, offers a variety of fashion posts that feature everything from the perfect summer look to utilizing pastel colors in your wardrobe. You’ll find a mix of fashion-inspired pictures and family snaps on Charlotte’s Instagram.

Kelvin Davis

The creator of Notoriously Dapper, Kelvin Davis uses his blog to display unique, body-positive looks for men. This Shake influencer views fashion as a creative outlet and gives readers tips on everything from seasonal fashions to how to dress for rain. Kelvin’s Instagram is full of vibrant outfits, too.  

Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha is the brain behind Girl with Curves, a blog that helps curvy women find fun styles no matter their size, weight, or height. The 10-year-old-blog now caters to 1.5 million fans with posts like styling leggings for fall and how to belt everything. The influencer, who loves a good cardigan, is closing in on 500K Instagram followers.   

Sara Crampton

Style takes a more minimalist approach with Sara Crampton, the originator of Harper and Harley. The Aussie’s less-is-more fashion style leads to posts about simple suits and how to wear polka dots with jeans. You’ll find this blogger sporting mostly white, black, or gray looks, which she shares with her 537K Instagram followers as well as blog readers.

Christine Andrew

Fashion blogger Christine Andrew launched her blog, Hello Fashion, in 2011. The Colombian-American started the blog as an online diary of fun fashion photos, but it has grown to include lifestyle, beauty, and travel posts, too. The mother of four writes about handbags that fit every budget and holiday must-haves. One million people follow this Salt Lake City resident on Instagram to check out her fashion favorites and family fun.

Kim Mitchell

An art designer for a big clothing retailer, Kim Mitchell’s fashion blog is her side project — but that doesn’t mean it’s short on content, charm, or advice. J’adore Couture gives mature women an outlet to explore hot pants, fun pumps, and leather weather. Pinterest is Kim’s go-to social channel to share new looks, like this stylish red suit.

Mel Kobayashi

Vancouver-based artist and fashionista Mel Kobayashi writes a variety of different material on her blog, Bag and a Beret. She shares fashion advice, but she also produces an e-zine, VOGOFF, which looks at fashion differently than traditional publications and other fashion bloggers. Mel broke into modeling at the age of 50. She loves to add lots of accessories to her looks, isn’t shy about using blue eyeshadow, and definitely has a funky side.

Zeena Shah

To say Zeena Shah, a London-based fashion influencer, loves color would be an understatement. Zeena’s vibrant style and radiant smile are behind every post on her self-named blog. Visitors get tips on countryside glamour and see why this recent bride loves pink. She’s not afraid to sport dress-down looks on Instagram either.

Lindsey Holland

Ropes of Holland is the blog and fashion space of Lindsey Holland. A former physiotherapist-turned-fashion-lover, Lindsey prefers to keep her posts short and sassy. She usually gives readers a weekly look at what she’s wearing and turns to Instagram to share her unique urban style.


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10 Food Blogs With Mouthwatering Content https://izea.com/blog/top-10-food-blogs/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 16:00:17 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=299054 An influencer takes a cellphone photo of their bowl of food

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An influencer takes a cellphone photo of their bowl of food

If you’re looking for a foodie, recipe creator, or baking genius, there are dozens upon dozens of these talented influencers online. Many of them reach the masses through a blog that houses their favorite recipes. These top food blogs deliver savory content. 

Food blogs have come a long way since the ’90s. Aside from focusing on a niche and being highly organized, today’s blogs also incorporate the founder’s story into the brand.

An influencer takes a cellphone photo of their bowl of food

Top food blogs with mouthwatering content

Take a look at the top ten food blogs that every brand hungers for. And remember, you can work with some of these food influencers on Shake.

Pinch of Yum

A former fourth grade teacher, Lindsay Ostrom is the mastermind behind Pinch of Yum. This Minnesotan gave up her teaching career when her food blog, which started as a hobby, turned into a full-time career. It’s not hard to see why people follow the blog, with its great recipes, step-by-step instructions, and professional photographs that make your mouth water. This snap of chicken pot pie is a great example of recipes showcased on the blog and Instagram account.   

Iowa Girl Eats

Looking for gluten-free recipes? Kristin, the writer and creative mind behind Iowa Girl Eats, morphed her food blog into a gluten-free recipe depot after being diagnosed with gluten intolerance (aka Celiac’s disease). Now the lifelong Iowan has an entire library of gluten-free meals and treats on her site. Her Instagram is full of cooking inspiration too, like these gluten-free pizza rolls.

Pretty Plates

A relatively new blog, Pretty Plates launched in 2020 under the direction of foodie and North Carolina resident Liz Phillips. Visitors will find tempting recipes on the site that cover everything from blueberry French toast to bang bang shrimp. Liz and her husband share their love of food, along with kitchen hacks and travel excursions on Instagram, too. The duo is available to work with brands through Shake.

Easy Family Recipes

With simple ingredients and great flavor, Kimber Matherne creates and shares recipes that are easy for busy parents to put on the table. Her blog, aptly named Easy Family Recipes, includes recipes like one-pot chicken salsa soup, a dish that can hit the table quickly after soccer practice or a piano recital. The Utah resident is also a Shake influencer who shares pantry favorites on Instagram, like this classic chicken noodle soup.

I Am a Food Blog

A husband and wife duo from California post unique recipes on their site, I am a food blog. Visitors are drawn to Steph and Mike’s blog for its visual recipes, but also for curated lists like five easy baked brie recipes. Don’t visit their Instagram page if you’re hungry. You’ll end up bookmarking everything from dumpling recipes to creamy pasta salad.  

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes was a project born out of necessity for its creator, Beth. After finishing college, she had a low-wage job and needed to cut her food costs to get by, so she started tracking grocery bills and creating inexpensive meals. Fast forward 10 years and she’s still creating budget-friendly meals for her followers. Recipes like Beth’s gooey artichoke dip or homemade biscuits and gravy might be light on cost, but they’re big on flavor.  

Vegan Richa

Inspired by her Indian upbringing, Vegan Richa creates plant-based recipes that are exotic yet easy. More than 300,000 followers on Instagram flock to her social feed for colorful recipes, like a vibrant dish of scrambled eggs or tofu curry. The Seattle resident even has a cookbook out.  

Kalyn’s Kitchen

Boasting easy, carb-conscious recipes, Kalyn’s Kitchen focuses on healthy recipes. Its creator, Kaylin Denny, lost 42 pounds back in 2005 and documented her journey online. That experience transformed into a food blog, where recipes like green apple salad and zucchini noodles are the norm. Her blog is highly organized and has a recipe index that helps visitors find what they’re looking for.

The Food Gays

Jeremy and Adrian, two Vancouver-based foodies, launched their food blog back in 2012 to show people just how easy it is to make meals at home. Their blog features recipes for every occasion, from simple lunch and dinner recipes to extravagant cocktail concoctions. These Shake influencers have a knack for stunning food photography, like this shot of a waffle that looks more like art than breakfast.  

40 Aprons

With a 10-year-history of developing recipes, Cheryl Malik creates paleo and whole food recipes for her blog, 40 Aprons. This Memphis mother of three and Shake influencer started eating “real food” after she had her first child, when she was struggling with health problems and weight gain, and now she swears by it. Her paleo cranberry bliss bars and three-ingredient peanut butter cookies are popular with her Instagram fans.   


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Top 10 Weight-Loss Influencers https://izea.com/blog/weight-loss-influencers/ Tue, 28 Dec 2021 16:00:53 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=299051 weight-loss influencer stretches on a pink yoga mat

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weight-loss influencer stretches on a pink yoga mat

Not all popular weight-loss influencers are fitness models. Some are honest about their constant struggles to get fit, while others have transformed themselves to be strong and healthy without a need to conform to stereotypes that being “thin” is the only desirable outcome.

weight-loss influencer stretches on a pink yoga mat

Weight-loss influencers who motivate, inspire

These 10 influencers are all on various paths of self-discovery — some to get healthier and some to be helpful to others.


This Australian woman’s weight-loss journey started with high blood pressure, body aches, and a lack of energy. Now she inspires others with before-and-after photos, stills from modeling shoots, and her fitness challenges. Ange frequently shares funny and inspirational quotes to help inspire other women to love themselves as they are. Brands can work with Ange through Shake.

Carter Good

Carter is a weight-loss coach who sensibly dispenses “fitness advice your life doesn’t have to revolve around.” His social media feed is filled with solid tips and information on topics like things that slow down your metabolism and weight-loss red flags. Carter even shares his own “before” photos from when he weighed 300 pounds.

Liza Marie

Liza went from a size 20 to a size 4 in one year and amassed 302.7K followers on TikTok. She shares her high-intensity interval training and progressive transformation of her body, like this montage of her back changing over time. Inspired fans have access to Liza’s favorite songs to work out to, as well as what she eats in a typical day.

JJ Smith

Best-selling weight-loss author JJ is dedicated to helping her 300K followers on Instagram learn from her experience and research. Her posts cover frequently asked questions, such as “Are hormones slowing your weight loss?” and “What does blood sugar focus do?” Other must-watch videos include keto smoothies and her appearance on “The Dr. Oz Show.”

Pippa Campbell

As a functional nutrition practitioner, Pippa offers a science-based approach to weight loss. Although she shares healthy recipes and stays active, much of her focus is on other factors that affect weight-loss challenges, such as parasites, poor sleep, and genetics. It’s worth noting that Pippa has a strong focus on menopause and woman-centered health too.

Rob Allen

If you follow Rob on Instagram, you know that he helps people maximize fat loss and get stronger without cutting carbs or doing hours of cardio. His 192K followers on Instagram love the straight-forward tips, infographics, and advice on things like portion size and top strength-training exercises for losing fat. Be sure to check out his protein shakes for muscle gain vs. fat loss.

Ashley Cates

Ashley offers personal training and nutrition programs and is the author of “The Macro Balanced Meal Method.” Her posts range from squat work-outs to meal prep grocery lists. With easy-to-digest infographics like this one on immunity-boosting foods, it’s easy to see why her 75.5K Instagram followers tune in.

Maria Blacutt

Specializing in helping people over 40 become strong and confident, Maria has a physique at age 54 that is inspiring. She posts about her fitness routine but reminds her 18.3K followers not to compare their bodies to others. There are also some posts about nutrition and weight-loss myths.

Felicia Keathley

Losing 140 pounds naturally certainly gives Felicia some credibility as a weight-loss influencer. Her 468K Instagram followers are inspired by her transformation, as are the millions of people who saw her featured on “Good Morning America.” Whether you’re looking for healthy recipes or workout exercises, you will find Felicia helps you stay on track to meet your goals.

Lexi Reed

With diet and exercise, Lexi lost 312 pounds in two years. She documented parts of her journey — including her skin removal surgery — drawing 1.2 million followers on Instagram. To ensure that all of her followers could feel inspired to exercise, she has shared no-equipment workouts, like this one at Turkey Run State Park and taking the stairs at Universal Studios Hollywood. Perhaps most impressive is her persistence to stick to her fitness routine, even after getting injured.


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What Do Lifestyle Bloggers Write About? https://izea.com/blog/lifestyle-bloggers-write/ Mon, 27 Dec 2021 22:00:55 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=299045 woman sits with legs crossed and laptop resting on her legs. She is smilling and wearing glasses and an orange shirt.

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woman sits with legs crossed and laptop resting on her legs. She is smilling and wearing glasses and an orange shirt.

The term “lifestyle” covers a wide range of topics, so when it comes to lifestyle bloggers, it’s not surprising that they write about an equally wide variety of subjects. Unlike personal blogs that focus on personal storytelling, lifestyle bloggers write about many activities, interests, or products. The spotlight of the blog isn’t on the writer — although the writer is sharing his or her own experiences — and it often has the tone of a helpful friend giving advice or sharing valuable information.

In many cases, lifestyle bloggers start by writing about a single niche topic, such as makeup, fitness, or parenting. But over time, they often begin adding other interests related to their original blog theme. For example, a fitness blogger might start sharing some of her favorite smoothie recipes or give tips on buying fitness apparel. By linking together topics that connect organically, they increase their ability to attract an audience that shares those interests and will begin to see them as an authority. 

When you become a lifestyle blogger, you open the door to becoming an influencer in your chosen areas of interest. Promoting your blog and your topics on social media is an excellent way to grow your audience. 

woman sits with legs crossed and laptop resting on her legs. She is smilling and wearing glasses and an orange shirt.

Types of Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle blogs cover a lot of territory. Each type of lifestyle blog has subcategories that can be included. Here are some of the popular types of lifestyle blogs and some of the topics that can be included within each one: 

  • Arts and culture: Museums, fine art, TV/films, music, books, pop culture
  • Beauty: Makeup, skin-care products, hairstyles, cruelty-free beauty products, makeovers
  • Fashion: DIY fashion, fashion trends, fashion tips, shopping tips, designer looks, accessories
  • Finances: Investing, budgeting, saving money, debt reduction, side hustles  
  • Fitness: Exercise, nutrition, supplements, fitness fashions, mental health
  • Food and drink: Gourmet cooking, budget dining, healthy indulgences, cocktails, wine
  • Home and garden: Interior design trends, crafts, décor, natural living, DIY, home improvements
  • Marriage and family: Relationships, pets, parenting, religion, blended families
  • Self-help: Mindfulness, psychology, inspiration, spirituality, education, research 
  • Technology: Gaming, photography, smartphones, digital devices, computers
  • Travel: Domestic travel, luxury travel, budget travel, family travel, international travel

Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list; you can explore other categories based on your interests. The important thing to keep in mind is that you need to choose topics you’re familiar with and have a certain amount of knowledge or expertise in, since you’re positioning yourself as an authority.

Choosing the right lifestyle niche

While there might be several topics that appeal to you, it’s best to narrow it down when you’re starting out. More is not always better; each blog post needs to be informative, engaging, and accurate, and taking on too many topics in the beginning can make your blog posts feel scattered and unfocused. Remember, you can always add more topics or categories as you become more comfortable with the blogging process, so choose one or two areas to focus on and work on growing your following through those topics. 

Lifestyle blogs are popular, but that also means you’ll have to find a way to stand out from others who are covering the same or similar topics. What’s going to differentiate your blog? What voice will you use, what tone will drive your content, and who is your target audience? You’ll also want to think about how you’re going to reach your audience and what social media tools you can use to promote it. These are all important questions to answer before launching your blog. 

Where to find topics

At first, you may find that you have more blog ideas than you can write. As you write, continue keeping a running list of new topics, and use resources such as other blogs, news stories, and seasonal events to provide more story ideas. While you don’t want to copy what other bloggers are writing, you can look at trends and topics and think about how to put your own voice or spin on it. 

Consistency is important to ensuring the success of your blog, and that means not only creating new posts on a regular schedule but also being consistent in your tone and approach to topics. And, as you become more comfortable with blogging, you’ll find that ideas are everywhere; you just need to look for them. 


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IZEA’s Perks and Benefits Aim to Create Positive Work Environment https://izea.com/blog/izea-perks-and-benefits/ Thu, 23 Dec 2021 23:00:23 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=298482 The post IZEA’s Perks and Benefits Aim to Create Positive Work Environment appeared first on IZEA.


In the new world of remote working, IZEA has continued working to improve the experience for employees and keep them connected — even when working apart.

“With the shift to a remote working environment, employee needs have changed, and we have changed the way we support team members,” says Melissia Bruehl, senior director, talent acquisition at IZEA. This includes providing team members with the technology and tools needed to perform their best at work — such as laptops, a monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc., — to give them the optimal work-from-home experience. But IZEA recognizes that tools are only a small part of creating a positive work experience; the company prides itself on providing best-in-class options for benefits as well as a top-notch environment.

person takes part in video conference call on a laptop

IZEA perks and benefits help employees thrive

Creating a positive environment

“We believe our company culture is one of the best perks of being a part of Team IZEA,” says Kaila Kowalski, who was recently hired as manager of workplace culture and communications. Kowalski is responsible for ensuring each team member feels like a valued and vital part of #TeamIZEA and, according to recent internal Comparably surveys, it’s working. Survey results show that 100% of IZEA employees are proud to be a part of their company and that same percentage consider the workplace to be positive.

“We believe in supporting our team members and creating an environment where they can bring their authentic self to the workplace,” she says.

Building teams and ensuring a positive work experience has changed as remote working became more prevalent, but Bruehl says that has only led to finding more creative ways for teams to interact. Employees who are motivated and excited by the challenges and opportunities of their work are likely to be more productive and will reach their goals, so IZEA seeks to implement fun and creativity into every facet of their jobs.

This can include such activities as happy hour trivia, humorous polls on Slack, and even structured chats. Interacting in such fun ways helps team members connect, find commonalities and, ultimately, reinforces a team-oriented mindset. And IZEA also encourages team members to use the remote work environment to their benefit.

“We encourage our team members to take advantage of the freedom of being away from a structured office and work from an environment that allows them to flourish,” Kowalski says.

The added benefits of IZEA

The rewards of working at IZEA go beyond its culture; there are financial benefits as well. Bruehl says this includes offering a fitness reimbursement to encourage employees to live an active, balanced lifestyle. The company also promotes professional development by contributing up to $1,000 per employee to compensate for pre-approved professional license renewals or education and courses related to their work.

While those perks provide immediate rewards for workers, IZEA also thinks long-term, with a 401(k) program that matches up to 50% of employee contributions, up to 8% of their salary. “We highly encourage participation in this plan and urge all employees to save for the future,” says Bruehl.

There’s also an Employee Stock Purchase program that allows employees to purchase stock at a discounted price. And, most recently, it introduced a new program that awards grants of restricted stock units to eligible full-time workers on a quarterly basis based on their tenure and salary.

“We’ve also increased our companywide holidays, including adding four floating holidays so our team members can celebrate important personal milestones or holidays,” Kowalski said. “We believe one of the most critical components for success is a positive employee experience, so we work hard to ensure that.” 

Get Started

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Top Mom Vloggers Share Tips, Challenges https://izea.com/blog/mom-vloggers/ Thu, 23 Dec 2021 16:00:55 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=298656 A mom takes a selfie with her baby

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A mom takes a selfie with her baby

Being a mom means juggling a lot of hats. Some of these mom vloggers make it look easy as they share tips on everything from makeup and meal prep to fashion and decorating. Others use their social media platforms to reveal some of the challenges and struggles they regularly experience, including exhaustion, postpartum depression, getting fit, and finding time to get everything done. 

Because not all moms are the same, you’ll find a variety of topics covered on these vlogs. There are working moms who are trying to find balance, new moms trying to adjust to parenthood, moms of twins, entrepreneur moms, and moms trying to find camaraderie in the funny moments that inevitably come with having kids.

A mom takes a selfie with her baby

10 mom vloggers who keep it real

Take a look at these 10 mom vloggers, some of whom you can work with today on Shake.

Madison Miller

Busy mom Madison makes juggling two little ones look easy and she’s eager to share her tips. Her 213K YouTube subscribers can learn how to pack for Disneyland for a baby and toddler one day and see how to declutter and organize a pantry the next. This Shake influencer shares must-haves in her diaper bag and essentials that all multitasking moms should have.

Dani McCormick

Have you ever argued with a 3-year-old about what color straw he needs? Shake influencer Dani McCormick has, and she’s not shy about sharing the many facets of parenting with her followers. There are the precious moments, when the kids are sleeping like angels, but also playful moments, like when the family played “Try Not to Laugh” and highly relatable annoying kids songs. Dani also shares pizza cutter snack hacks, videos of homeschooling, and that time Dad let the kids drink chocolate syrup from the bottle.

Brittany Nichols

Brittany is proof that incorporating lifestyle, fashion, and travel into your life after kids is not only possible, but also very gratifying. An avid Disney fan and Shake influencer, Brittany shares her love of the Magic Kingdom with her son and takes her followers on a scavenger hunt for Ratatouille “Easter eggs.” You’ll get recipes for some of her favorite treats, like this pumpkin smoothie and plenty of holiday-themed videos, like this take on the two types of people in November

Maddie Lambert

Pregnant at 13, Maddie Lambert has grown up on YouTube and shares experiences with her 1.57 million subscribers. Now she posts a mix of typical teen stuff — like impulsively cutting her hair and applying makeup — and motherhood-focused content. Her videos on being a teen mom are often authentic and entertaining.

Kyrah Edwards

With 542K subscribers, Kyrah is a full-time wife, mom, and lifestyle blogger who started her YouTube channel in 2016. She posts beauty tips and product reviews on nail care, makeup, and curly hair, as well as honest takes on weight loss and self-worth. She frequently includes her adorable kids in her videos.

Katie Sottile

You’d be wrong to assume that motherhood and lifestyle vlogger Katie is too busy with three kids to maintain order in her house. Her 69.4K YouTube subscribers tune in for tips on deep cleaning, decluttering, and organizing. Add in cooking, shopping, and decorating to the mix of posts and you can see why subscribers flock to her content.

Jessica Tull

Jessica’s 516K YouTube subscribers appreciate her mix of content, which include raw moments as a mother of three balanced with motivational videos on cleaning, organizing, and meal prepping. She even appeared on “Good Morning America” for her motivational cleaning videos. If you need some incentive to clean before guests arrive or get your garage in order, this influencer can help.   

Kendra Atkins

Life with twin girls and a little boy is never slow, but it’s also never boring. Kendra’s videos range from decluttering closets and housecleaning to organizing cabinets and healthy eating. How can one woman accomplish all of this with a smile? Well, Kendra is all about being authentic, so there are real moments of vulnerability in her posts, like this emotional video about motherhood and these Q&As about her life. 

Jazmine Lattimore

A night nurse and single mom of two, Jazmin sometimes resembles a cross between Superwoman and the Energizer Bunny. She got so motivated watching cleaning videos that she made her own. It’s no wonder she gets questions about how she balances work, school, and motherhood.

Rylee Jade

Offering a mix of beauty, fashion and motherhood videos to her 78.4K YouTube subscribers, Rylee always manages to come across as down to earth by sharing honest videos of her routines. There are also helpful tips for handling tantrums, her self-care regimen, and how she keeps a tidy home. The videos that pull in the most views though are her try-on hauls where she models clothes.


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Top Van-Life Influencers https://izea.com/blog/top-van-life-influencers/ Wed, 22 Dec 2021 21:00:03 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=298652 two women wrapped in a blanket watch the sunset from the roof of their vehicle

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two women wrapped in a blanket watch the sunset from the roof of their vehicle

The fantasy of hitting the open road and exploring the world (or at least your corner of it) in a van has probably been around from the moment the first van rolled off the assembly line. But in 2020, the pandemic kicked that interest up to a whole new level, capitalizing on the already-strong van life community and inspiring a new flock of adventurers to leave it all behind. Exploring the #vanlife is proof that it’s not a one-size-fits-all world; these van-life influencers are living in everything from a Honda Civic to a school bus.

Thanks to social media, van-life enthusiasts are offering survival tips, sharing their adventures, and documenting the freedom (and challenges) of living on four wheels. Here’s a look at seven of the top van-life influencers who are taking us along for the ride.

two women wrapped in a blanket watch the sunset from the roof of their vehicle

Van-life influencers sharing their adventures

Jenelle Eliana (@jennelle.eliana)

 Jenelle Eliana has been posting videos about her life in a van since 2019, when she struck out in a refurbished 1995 camper van. The Californian’s YouTube videos answer a lot of questions people have about van life, such as how to stay healthy, how to shower when you live in a van, and — the big one — what made her want to do this in the first place. She’s picked up nearly 2.5 million subscribers to the channel in just two years, thanks to her fun, friendly videos. And in case you’re worried about her rolling through life all alone, don’t worry; she’s traveling with her pet snake, Alfredo, who makes appearances in her videos every now and then.

Daniel Young (@danmaniel)

With 2.4 million followers on TikTok, Daniel Young is showing others how it’s done. Young has converted a school bus into a tiny home and shows step-by-step how he managed this impressive bus buildout. His instructions include things like converting doors, paneling the inside, and even building drawers and a wine rack. His adventure began on his popular YouTube channel, and now he’s using Instagram to document his travels.


recap! follow on insta @ danmaniel & youtube: Daniel Young #busconversion #vanlifecouple #bushub

♬ original sound - Daniel Young

Courtnie Hamel and Nate Cotton (@courtandnate)

After losing their jobs during the pandemic, Courtnie and Nate decided to live in a van. One random post on TikTok quickly turned into 1.6 million followers who are treated to their adventures, which has included getting a dog to accompany them on their journey. They share tips on where to find great parking spots and places to camp, where to find other free resources essential to life on the road, and other important topics to help van lifers enjoy themselves responsibly.

Kombi Life (@kombilifeadventures)

Living in a converted 1973 Volkswagen bus, Ben Jamin, his partner, Leah, and his dog, Alaska, have embraced world travel for years and documented it for their YouTube audience. Some 545,000 subscribers follow their adventures, which also have a number of guests joining them along the way. During 2020, they adjusted operations and documented the struggles of staying off the grid and on the go amid the challenges of lockdowns, shortages, and other realities of a global pandemic.

Alexandria Tejas (@hoboahle)

Living her best life on four wheels, Alexandria Tejas has lived under the Hobo Ahle moniker since 2013, when she left her job to live a nomadic lifestyle. Setting out in a Dodge Ram van, she has moved on to other mobile housing options, including the unlikely Honda Civic. She’s grown her YouTube following to 355,000 subscribers, and her fun but informative videos cover a wide range of topics that might not occur to someone until they’re on the road — such as how to do laundry, taking care or your health on the road, and even how to shower in a Honda Civic.

Joe and Kait Russo (@weretherussos)

In 2015, this couple quit their jobs and hit the road in an RV. They’ve shared that adventure, mile after mile, on their popular YouTube channel, which has 206,000 subscribers, and through their Instagram account, which is filled with beautiful shots from their time on the road. This summer, they upped the ante by taking Russo’s mom and dog, Charley, along — giving viewers even more reasons to tune in.

The Matneys (@thematneys_)

Since 2017, Aubry and Nicholas Matney have been living and breathing the van life, and they’ve consistently posted their adventures on YouTube every Saturday. Their 134,000 subscribers tune in not just to learn more about their adventures, but to check out their informative videos that include van tours and van conversion builds. They even share what it was like to be trapped in their van in Argentina for 60-plus days during the pandemic.


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Top 10 Restaurant Vloggers https://izea.com/blog/top-10-restaurant-vloggers/ Wed, 22 Dec 2021 16:00:54 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=298699 2 women take a selfie at a restaurant

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2 women take a selfie at a restaurant

Whether they’re searching out the best seafood on the coast or the best street vendors in Southeast Asia, these restaurant vloggers and foodies are eager to find the best bites.

From buffets and franchises to Michelin-starred fine dining, these restaurant vloggers enjoy not only eating, but also reviewing establishments and menu items for their followers. Although many of these influencers have multiple social media platforms, video usually makes for the best format.

2 women take a selfie at a restaurant

10 restaurant vloggers with delicious content

Will and Dawn

Exploring the back roads of America together, Will and Dawn have amassed 65K subscribers on YouTube. Their Southern-focused reviews have featured catfish restaurants and barbecues to steakhouses and a farmhouse-turned-grill. Because the South is about more than food, there are also videos about their adventures: classic car shows, Dollywood, parades and even the world’s largest Christmas store.

Sandy Breitmeier

Sandy is a German expat living in London who travels the world looking for delicious food and adventure — including cruise ship meals. Her video of Trentino, Italy, included meeting with local food producers. Inspiring her viewers to think beyond stew and potatoes, Sandy’s review of restaurants in Ireland featured modern surprises and vegan options. But it was her food tour in Spain that may have impressed her the most, especially the octopus.

Wilson K Lee

Wilson is a restaurant influencer, but not for reviewing local joints. Instead, he helps his 92.5K YouTube subscribers turn their food and beverage concept into a reality by providing expert tips and tricks on everything from writing a restaurant business plan to calculating food costs. There are also restaurant marketing strategies and hiring tips with information on the traits of good employees.

Rebecca Doudak

Rebecca is passionate about spreading practical vegan eating tips and down-to-earth environmentalism. Her YouTube subscribers tune in for the restaurant reviews and affordable dining, but she recently built a camper with her father to travel the country and do restaurant reviews. Check out the videos of Sandy tasting every single vegan item at Avocaderia and eating giant sushi at Sushirito. Don’t miss her review of Doomie’s in Los Angeles, which serves vegan fast food.

Mark Wiens

Mark is unapologetic about his belief that “food is the reason you should travel,” and with 8.25 million YouTube subscribers, he must be onto something. He’s eaten at restaurants all over the world, including the oldest restaurant in California and a famous soul food restaurant in Louisiana. But he’s also been to what is arguably the best high-end dining establishment in Tel Aviv and eaten $300 sushi in Tokyo.

Shu Lin

Shu keeps a visual diary of various chapters of her life that celebrate the things she loves most, including food and travel. Her 67.9K YouTube followers have gotten tips on what to eat in Toronto and 18 things you must eat in Hong Kong. Her trips always include food, but Shu always finds time to showcase other aspects of the destinations she visits, like her video about eating and exploring Dominica.

Sonny Side

Food expert Sonny has tried everything from poisonous pufferfish in Japan to spiders and insects in Vietnam. But there are plenty of videos of delicious “regular” food to get his 7.58 million YouTube subscribers drooling, like Tex-Mex cuisine in Texas and the world’s most expensive French toast. If you love Creole food, don’t miss his stop to visit the gumbo queen.

Gary Hanson

Gary offers his 52.6K YouTube subscribers a fun mix of food-related reviews that run the gamut from candy bars and popular fast food to new menu items and affordable restaurants. According to the comments, he tempted his followers to try Applebee’s Cheetos Boneless Wings. Gary also did a collaoration with several other food reviewers in which he reviewed two local restaurants. Those who love new menu items should be sure to watch Gary’s review of Red Lobster’s Wagyu bacon cheeseburger.

Trevor James

Trevor is all about eating what locals eat, whether he’s in China, Singapore, or Thailand. His travels have given him the ability to eat very spicy food. While in Dubai, he ate a Golden Billionaire Burger in the world’s tallest restaurant and an insane seafood platter at Al Qbabh restaurant. Be sure to catch the video of Trevor eating (very chewy) ox penis soup in Malaysia. (Yes, you read that right).

Mike Chen

Known to his 3.92 million YouTube subscribers as “Strictly Dumpling,” Mike is all about all-you-can-eat buffets, traditional Asian food, and eating every form of meat in existence. He has tried the best-rated barbecue in Texas and a famous $278 ultimate lobster seafood tray in San Pedro, California. But his followers especially love when he gorges at buffets, like the clips of him eating unlimited king crab, burgers, and steak in Chicago and indulging at Pennsylvania’s largest Amish buffet.


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Top Influencers Over 60 to Follow https://izea.com/blog/influencers-over-60/ Tue, 21 Dec 2021 22:00:45 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=298607 an older man with white beard holds a skateboard

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an older man with white beard holds a skateboard

Audiences care about authenticity and inspiration, not age. In fact, there are plenty of influencers over 60 with something to say and who have built audiences for their compelling content. Take a look at these top senior influencers who are embracing life, shaping fashion, and inspiring others.

an older man with white beard holds a skateboard

11 inspiring influencers over 60

From fitness to fashion to motivation, these influencers over the age of 60 have a lot to offer their social media followers.

Moon Lin

Proving fashion isn’t just for the young, Moon Lin rocks trendy streetwear at the age of 93. When asked how she picks what to wear, the Taiwan native says she simply picks what she likes. Over the last 10 years or so, Moon has grown quite a following on Instagram with more than 97,000 followers. This senior influencer, who sometimes takes pictures from her wheelchair, says dressing up makes her excited for each day.

Baddie Winkle

How can you not follow a 93-year-old whose Instagram tagline is, “Stealing Yo Man Since 1928”? Baddie Winkle, aka Helen Ruth Elam, is a small-town girl from Kentucky, but her personality is anything but small. This ageism-fighter sports funky clothes and supports liberal causes like the legalization of marijuana. In just a few short years, her Instagram following has grown to 3.4 million.

Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel, a 99-year-old self-proclaimed “geriatric starlet,” has an eye for fashion like no other. Known for big glasses, chunky jewelry, and vibrant colors, Iris’ eye for fashion grew alongside her textile and interior design business, which she ran with her husband for 40-plus years. Today, Iris shares fashionable photos, magazine covers, and snaps of her family with her 2 million followers.

Wendy Ida

Closing in on her 70th birthday, Wendy Ida is a California fitness influencer. After leaving an abusive relationship in her 40s, Wendy and her two children moved to the West Coast. As a way to cope with stress, she went to the gym and lost 80 pounds. She entered her first bodybuilding competition at 57. She now shares fitness tips and inspirational quotes with her followers.

Diana Nyad

Swimmer and inspirational influencer Diana Nyad made headlines when she swam from Cuba to Key West at the age of 64. She was an avid swimmer in her 20s, and decided to take it back up in her 60s. She spent 13 hours a day training for the event and failed four times. On her fifth try, she made it, and it took her 52 hours. Now, she’s a public speaker and author.  

Irvin Randle

A fashion model and teacher, Irvin Randle’s Instagram stardom started a few years ago and earned him the title, Mr. StealYourGrandma. His flair for fashion inspired him to start the Silverfox Squad. This group of mature men, who encourage others to embrace their own style, recently made an appearance on the “Steve Harvey Show.”  

Bonnie Raitt

This Rock & Roll Hall of Famer has toured the world entertaining crowds with songs like “In the Mood” and “Runaway.” At 72, the singer still tours — and looks good doing it. When she’s not behind a microphone, she’s a voting advocate, women’s right activist, and founder of MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy).

George Takei

Most known for his role on the OG “Star Trek,” George Takei entertains his Instagram followers with funny quotes, comics, and some political commentary. You’ll be hard pressed to find selfies or snaps of his family, but the 84-year-old actor will share something he’s working on from time to time, like the “I am here” project. He’s an LGBTQ+ activist and a promoter of the arts, too.

Lyn Slater

Lyn Slater is the mastermind behind the fashion blog Accidental Icon. The blog and her Instagram are aimed at mature women who are fun, fit, and fashion-forward. Lyn gives fashion advice to women looking to hone their own classic look without going overboard. She embraces her white hair, loves to accessorize, and wears everything from comfy sweaters to festive outerwear

Phylicia Rashad

You probably remember Phylicia Rashad for her role as Clare Huxtable in “The Cosby Show,” but she has many credits to her name, which include theater roles. At 73, Phylicia is on the big screen and promoting her most recent movie, “Jingle Jangle.” Phylicia takes to Instagram to chat about acting, directing, and moments with her sister, who is actress Debbie Allen.

Jane Seymour

Actress Jane Seymour held some big roles on big screens, but these days the 70-year-old focuses on being an entrepreneur. Jane has a line of scarves and sells her “Open Heart Collection” of jewelry. She’s also an avid traveler, who shares snaps of her trips to the desert and Ireland with her 218K Instagram followers.


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Connect With These 11 TikTok Influencers With Strong Followings https://izea.com/blog/tiktok-influencers-strong-followings/ Tue, 21 Dec 2021 16:00:26 +0000 https://izea.com/?p=298591 woman holds phone for a selfie; Tiktok logo is behind her

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woman holds phone for a selfie; Tiktok logo is behind her

If your brand is looking to grow its audience, working with a TikTok influencer could give you the boost you’re looking for. To be successful, you’ll need to find an influencer who not only fits your niche, but also has a strong following. Fortunately, Shake, IZEA’s creative marketplace, has a full library of TikTok influencers that you can work with today.

woman holds phone for a selfie; Tiktok logo is behind her

Top TikTok creators with strong followings

Take a look at these 11 TikTok influencers with 1 million-plus followers that your brand can connect with through Shake.

Michael Le

Known for his dance moves, family videos, and unique fashion sense, Michael entertains his 51 million (yes, 51 million) TikTok followers with dance videos with his little brother and on-trend clips that put Michael in the Netflix hit, “Squid Game.” The young influencer shows off his dance moves on TikTok and his gaming skills on YouTube.  


damn, the squid games really know know my weakness😭😂 ib: @BashTheEntertainer

♬ original sound - BashTheEntertainer

Joe Albanese

Joe has turned TikTok into a full-time career, amassing 36.5 million followers on the app. He recently moved to LA and joined a TikTok collaborative, Sway House. So, what’s this trendy influencer posting about? Breakdancing. There’s even videos of Joe and his sister breakdancing in costume.


Do you think we scared my mom?? 😳🤣

♬ Barney and friends - Trap remix

Shaq the Pug

Not all influencers are human; some are four-legged and furry like Shaq the Pug. This lovable dog has 5.9 million TikTok followers who get to see Shaq “talk.” The adventurous creature takes on all sorts of challenges, from making dog food coffee to helping his “mom” win games of toilet paper bounce. His videos have 78 million likes.

Underrated Hijabi

A Great Britain resident and prolific content creator, Underrated Hijabi wows followers with her amazing candy connections. What’s more unique is that she’s usually in her car whipping up these treats for her 2.2 million fans. She made an Oreo cake without an oven in this video and challenged herself to only eat blue food for 24 hours in this one.


Candlestyles is a great example of an influencer working within a niche. As the name suggests, this influencer shares videos on candle making — and it’s wildly popular. This TikTok channel has 1.3 million followers. Here’s the interesting part, you don’t see the influencer in the videos and little is known about this creative candle maker. Still, videos where he creates a candle that looks like an egg in a pan or a stylish purse keep followers coming back for more.

Johnny Valentine

Johnny Valentine’s TikTok videos are all about connecting with strangers. In his TikToks, he set up two people on a blind date, gave a stranger an iPhone, and traveled two hours on a bus to meet the parents of an 8-year-old street performer. The unique influencer has 6.7 million followers and gets hundreds of thousands of views on every video shared.  

Dana Hasson

New York City influencer Dana Hasson is a beauty and baking influencer with 2.4 million followers on TikTok. She does up to five updates a day, most of which offer rich recipes like instructions for Nutella doughnuts. She’s even developed several pieces of her own bakeware. Aside from baking bits, fans also like Dana’s makeup tutorials, like this clip in which she tries a $56 glitter lipstick.  

Serah Faulk

Serah Faulk is a San Antonio-based influencer who posts about fashion and beauty, but it’s her hair that seems to keep her 1.5 million TikTok fans engaged. She rocks a variety of styles from dreads to tight curls and gives suggestions on hair products that she uses in her everyday routine.

Winni Designs

If your brand aligns with remodeling, construction, or DIY projects, Winni Designs could be a good influencer to work with. Visitors get everything from DIY hacks to tutorials on how to remove grout from this handy influencer. He experiments with audio, responds to questions from his 2.6 million fans, and posts with regularity to both his TikTok and YouTube channel, where visitors get more in-depth how-to videos.


I made a bad flange cut. Here is how you can fix it. #ShareTheMagic #howto #construction #diy #tile

♬ original sound - WINNI

Razzle Holly

Beauty influencer and self-taught special effects makeup artist Razzle Holly creates videos that are attention-grabbing. In one clip, it looks like she’s pulling her skin off and in another her face progressively turns into one massive cat. Her audience count weighs in at 1.4 million.

Amie Balesky

Comedic chef Amie Balesky puts a lot of personality in her TikTok videos for her 2.2 million followers. She gives her fans quick recipes for macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie, but she also dabbles in spiritual energy. She’s a medium who talks about life after death and even shares some snippets of sessions she’s had with loyal clients.


Thanksgiving count down! Mac and cheese so good you’ll doubt the blue box! #mac #cheese #thanksgiving #food #tiktok my go to recipe!

♬ original sound - TheBalesky


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