12 Fashion Bloggers With Inspiring Style

An estimated 10% of all blogs focus on fashion, which means there could be up to 60 million fashion blogs online. For brands looking to connect with fashion bloggers, that means there are literally millions to choose from. How can a brand narrow the search? Consider your target audience, brand values, and start your research by checking out these 12 fashion influencers with popular blogs. Their followers look to them for incredible style, unique finds and practical tips.

12 fashion bloggers with unique style

Take a minute to draw inspiration from this list of fashion-forward icons.

Rachel Chen

One of Chicago’s biggest influencers, Rachel Chen runs a hot fashion blog, VintageDolls, that’s a hit far beyond the city’s borders. She’s a Shake influencer whose posts cover everything from must-have fall accessories to backless dresses. Her winter looks get a lot of engagement on Instagram, where she also shares travel experiences with her 1 million-plus followers. 

Blair Eadie

With more than a decade of experience as one of the top fashion bloggers, Blair Eadie launched Atlantic-Pacific to showcase her unique style. A style she describes as “timeless and classy with a bit of quirk.” Her blog is full of curated looks, like this elegant and noticeable outfit with pops of green or this holiday-inspired top. Blair shares her trendy style with her 1.7 million Instagram followers, too.     

Ashleigh Hutchinson

Ashleigh has a talent for teaching mature women how to curate their own style. Her blog, The Daileigh, helps women over 40 avoid drab, frumpy looks and instead find affordable, functional clothes that can be mixed and matched. Her posts on layering and Pinterest posts on fall boot styles are informative and fashion-forward.

Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren

Hailing from The Netherlands, Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren now lives in NYC, where she has built an online fashion brand. Charlotte’s blog, The Fashion Guitar, offers a variety of fashion posts that feature everything from the perfect summer look to utilizing pastel colors in your wardrobe. You’ll find a mix of fashion-inspired pictures and family snaps on Charlotte’s Instagram.

Kelvin Davis

The creator of Notoriously Dapper, Kelvin Davis uses his blog to display unique, body-positive looks for men. This Shake influencer views fashion as a creative outlet and gives readers tips on everything from seasonal fashions to how to dress for rain. Kelvin’s Instagram is full of vibrant outfits, too.  

Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha is the brain behind Girl with Curves, a blog that helps curvy women find fun styles no matter their size, weight, or height. The 10-year-old-blog now caters to 1.5 million fans with posts like styling leggings for fall and how to belt everything. The influencer, who loves a good cardigan, is closing in on 500K Instagram followers.   

Sara Crampton

Style takes a more minimalist approach with Sara Crampton, the originator of Harper and Harley. The Aussie’s less-is-more fashion style leads to posts about simple suits and how to wear polka dots with jeans. You’ll find this blogger sporting mostly white, black, or gray looks, which she shares with her 537K Instagram followers as well as blog readers.

Christine Andrew

Fashion blogger Christine Andrew launched her blog, Hello Fashion, in 2011. The Colombian-American started the blog as an online diary of fun fashion photos, but it has grown to include lifestyle, beauty, and travel posts, too. The mother of four writes about handbags that fit every budget and holiday must-haves. One million people follow this Salt Lake City resident on Instagram to check out her fashion favorites and family fun.

Kim Mitchell

An art designer for a big clothing retailer, Kim Mitchell’s fashion blog is her side project — but that doesn’t mean it’s short on content, charm, or advice. J’adore Couture gives mature women an outlet to explore hot pants, fun pumps, and leather weather. Pinterest is Kim’s go-to social channel to share new looks, like this stylish red suit.

Mel Kobayashi

Vancouver-based artist and fashionista Mel Kobayashi writes a variety of different material on her blog, Bag and a Beret. She shares fashion advice, but she also produces an e-zine, VOGOFF, which looks at fashion differently than traditional publications and other fashion bloggers. Mel broke into modeling at the age of 50. She loves to add lots of accessories to her looks, isn’t shy about using blue eyeshadow, and definitely has a funky side.

Zeena Shah

To say Zeena Shah, a London-based fashion influencer, loves color would be an understatement. Zeena’s vibrant style and radiant smile are behind every post on her self-named blog. Visitors get tips on countryside glamour and see why this recent bride loves pink. She’s not afraid to sport dress-down looks on Instagram either.

Lindsey Holland

Ropes of Holland is the blog and fashion space of Lindsey Holland. A former physiotherapist-turned-fashion-lover, Lindsey prefers to keep her posts short and sassy. She usually gives readers a weekly look at what she’s wearing and turns to Instagram to share her unique urban style.


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