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If your brand is looking to grow its audience, working with a TikTok influencer could give you the boost you’re looking for. To be successful, you’ll need to find an influencer who not only fits your niche, but also has a strong following. Fortunately, Shake, IZEA’s creative marketplace, has a full library of TikTok influencers that you can work with today.

woman holds phone for a selfie; Tiktok logo is behind her

Top TikTok creators with strong followings

Take a look at these 11 TikTok influencers with 1 million-plus followers that your brand can connect with through Shake.

Michael Le

Known for his dance moves, family videos, and unique fashion sense, Michael entertains his 51 million (yes, 51 million) TikTok followers with dance videos with his little brother and on-trend clips that put Michael in the Netflix hit, “Squid Game.” The young influencer shows off his dance moves on TikTok and his gaming skills on YouTube.  


damn, the squid games really know know my weakness😭😂 ib: @BashTheEntertainer

♬ original sound - BashTheEntertainer

Joe Albanese

Joe has turned TikTok into a full-time career, amassing 36.5 million followers on the app. He recently moved to LA and joined a TikTok collaborative, Sway House. So, what’s this trendy influencer posting about? Breakdancing. There’s even videos of Joe and his sister breakdancing in costume.


Do you think we scared my mom?? 😳🤣

♬ Barney and friends - Trap remix

Shaq the Pug

Not all influencers are human; some are four-legged and furry like Shaq the Pug. This lovable dog has 5.9 million TikTok followers who get to see Shaq “talk.” The adventurous creature takes on all sorts of challenges, from making dog food coffee to helping his “mom” win games of toilet paper bounce. His videos have 78 million likes.

Underrated Hijabi

A Great Britain resident and prolific content creator, Underrated Hijabi wows followers with her amazing candy connections. What’s more unique is that she’s usually in her car whipping up these treats for her 2.2 million fans. She made an Oreo cake without an oven in this video and challenged herself to only eat blue food for 24 hours in this one.


Candlestyles is a great example of an influencer working within a niche. As the name suggests, this influencer shares videos on candle making — and it’s wildly popular. This TikTok channel has 1.3 million followers. Here’s the interesting part, you don’t see the influencer in the videos and little is known about this creative candle maker. Still, videos where he creates a candle that looks like an egg in a pan or a stylish purse keep followers coming back for more.

Johnny Valentine

Johnny Valentine’s TikTok videos are all about connecting with strangers. In his TikToks, he set up two people on a blind date, gave a stranger an iPhone, and traveled two hours on a bus to meet the parents of an 8-year-old street performer. The unique influencer has 6.7 million followers and gets hundreds of thousands of views on every video shared.  


That’s what I call a super star ⭐️ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Holy - Justin Bieber

Dana Hasson

New York City influencer Dana Hasson is a beauty and baking influencer with 2.4 million followers on TikTok. She does up to five updates a day, most of which offer rich recipes like instructions for Nutella doughnuts. She’s even developed several pieces of her own bakeware. Aside from baking bits, fans also like Dana’s makeup tutorials, like this clip in which she tries a $56 glitter lipstick.  

Serah Faulk

Serah Faulk is a San Antonio-based influencer who posts about fashion and beauty, but it’s her hair that seems to keep her 1.5 million TikTok fans engaged. She rocks a variety of styles from dreads to tight curls and gives suggestions on hair products that she uses in her everyday routine.

Winni Designs

If your brand aligns with remodeling, construction, or DIY projects, Winni Designs could be a good influencer to work with. Visitors get everything from DIY hacks to tutorials on how to remove grout from this handy influencer. He experiments with audio, responds to questions from his 2.6 million fans, and posts with regularity to both his TikTok and YouTube channel, where visitors get more in-depth how-to videos.


I made a bad flange cut. Here is how you can fix it. #ShareTheMagic #howto #construction #diy #tile

♬ original sound - WINNI

Razzle Holly

Beauty influencer and self-taught special effects makeup artist Razzle Holly creates videos that are attention-grabbing. In one clip, it looks like she’s pulling her skin off and in another her face progressively turns into one massive cat. Her audience count weighs in at 1.4 million.


Place your order in the comments!🤡🍔🍟👀

♬ Tiptoe Through the Tulips Type Beat - Ne Skazhu

Amie Balesky

Comedic chef Amie Balesky puts a lot of personality in her TikTok videos for her 2.2 million followers. She gives her fans quick recipes for macaroni and cheese and pumpkin pie, but she also dabbles in spiritual energy. She’s a medium who talks about life after death and even shares some snippets of sessions she’s had with loyal clients.


Thanksgiving count down! Mac and cheese so good you’ll doubt the blue box! #mac #cheese #thanksgiving #food #tiktok my go to recipe!

♬ original sound - TheBalesky


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