How to use filters and overlays in WeVideo

/ Max Thorpe

In episode #64 of Tuesday Tips & Tricks, Max and Tyler go over how to use filters and overlays in WeVideo to help set the tone and theme of their videos. WeVideo provides basic free options as well as a more extensive library of filters through the stock library. The Tuesday Tips team kicked things off by quickly revisiting how to use the green screen (chroma key) feature in WeVideo (6:40). Next, Tyler and Max go over how to find overlays in the stock library and adjust the transparency to blend the underlaying clips together (10:22). The duo then went on to answer a variety of questions from the live audience including:

  • what are some lighting tips? (11:12)
  • how to crop? (14:10)
  • how to apply a fog overlay? (20:10)
  • how to change color effects in WeVideo? (25:15)
  • what to the image/mask tool do in WeVideo (26:25)
  • how to find Hip Hop music in WeVideo's stock library? (35:15)