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How to record your screen and audio in WeVideo

/ Max Thorpe

In episode #67 of Tuesday Tips & Tricks, Max and Tyler discuss screen and audio recording in WeVideo. This episode is directed toward WeVideo users who are trying to record both their external audio (sound that is captured through the microphone) and their internal audio (sound that is playing from their device). By default, WeVideo only captures external audio when using either the webcam recording option or audio recording. To understand what this means, it's best to use an example. Let's say you want to film a reaction video of a video you're watching on your computer and the sound is going through your headphones. To do this, you'd simply select the dual-capture option in WeVideo to record both your screen and your webcam. This will capture the video that's on your screen as well your webcam camera and anything that you say into your microphone. However, since the audio from the video is going through your headphones, this will not be captured. The simple solution is to have the audio come through your computer's speakers, and the audio will be captured through your microphone. That said, there will be a slight loss in audio quality with this method. Alternatively, there are a few free and paid options available that offer a solution to this audio routing issue.

Free options

GroundControl Cube

The GroundControl Cube by GingerAudio is a completely free option that Tyler demos during the show (13:45). This option allows users to capture the internal audio of their computer, but will not allow users to capture their external audio in tandem.


BlackHole is another free option for Mac users making it a great option for streamers, podcasters, instructors, composers and audio engineers.


VoiceMeter by VB-Audio is a free option for Android and PC users with the option to donate to help support the product.

Paid options

GroundControl Caster

The GroundControl Caster by GingerAudio is a virtual mixing board tailored towards streamers and podcasters that allows users to combine and mix audio feeds from various applications and input devices, add effects, and stream them to several destinations. There's a 7-day free trial or a one-time purchase of $39. One thing to note is that GroundControl Caster only works for Mac devices.


LOOPBACK by RogueAmoeba is a great option for Mac users who are looking for a simple yet feature-rich solution for audio routing. The paid option is a one-time fee of $100 and provides a great visual of how the routing is working as seen during Tyler's demo (10:03).