How to optimize your media uploads

/ Max Thorpe

In episode #55 of Tuesday Tips & Tricks, Max and Tyler kick things off by explaining the different ways you can upload media into WeVideo. Then they go over a cool functionality where users can start editing content in their timeline before the media is finished uploading. They go on to explain the different video file types such as MOV, MP4 and the new iPhone default, HEVC. The video file type that works best for WeVideo is MP4. These files are a smaller file size than MOV but still maintain most of the visual quality. By converting video files from MOV to MP4 users can speed up the uploading process as well as cut down on storage used (for those who are on Free or Power plans). Users can convert their videos using free downloadable tools like Handbrake or VLC media player. There are also plenty of free conversion sites that can be found with a simple Google search. Lastly, iPhone users can change their default video type by going to Settings > Camera > Formats, and then selecting "Most Compatible".

Next, Max and Tyler quickly touch on syncing WeVideo with cloud storage sites like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. Check out the full episode on setting up those integrations. Lastly, Tyler and Max wrap up the show by answering questions from the audience, including:

  • how to share videos using the WeVideo share link (14:30)
  • how to save storage space by shrinking the file size (18:00)
  • how to change the shape of a picture-in-picture (19:50)
  • how to copy the WeVideo share link for a finished video (25:15)