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How to create gaming videos from a Twitch stream

/ Max Thorpe

This episode is for all of the gamers out there. It begins with a 12-minute excerpt of Max's interview with MagickMoonshot, who streams Destiny 2 on Xbox as a side-gig. Max and Magick discuss how she got into streaming and her 5-year progression. She explains how she went from Twitch to 30K followers on Mixer, and then back to Twitch right before Mixer shut down. She gives a preview of her editing process in WeVideo and how she creates vertical-formatted videos to cater to TikTok and Instagram Reels. You can check out the full interview where she goes into more depth on the equipment she uses, her fan base and promotional method here.

Following the 12-minute clip, Tyler and Max show off the latest product update, reordering tracks (25:45). To reorder tracks, simply click the menu icon on the left-hand side next to each track and select either "Move up" or "Move down" and the tracks will readjust.