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How to create a stop motion video

/ Max Thorpe

In episode #74, Max and Tyler go over how to create a stop motion video in WeVideo. They begin by first showing a few examples of stop motion videos that Tyler has created, like the yoga video below.


Creating a stop motion video can be a very tedious process because it takes a lot of time, but it can be a very informative learning experience because you create a video frame by frame. This just makes full-feature stop motion movies like Wallace and Gromit, that much more impressive. 

To get started creating your own stop motion video, you'll need a camera (or a smartphone) and a tripod to securely mount your device in a stable position. You'll want to try and limit shadows as much as possible as seen in Tyler's setup (5:32). Once your camera and environment are established you can begin creating a video by taking a picture of your subject or objects and slightly moving it/them while taking a picture after each adjustment. This is the time extensive part, as Tyler proclaims, 2 seconds of video is approximately 50 pictures. There are free apps that can help with this process, Tyler had used Stop Motion Studio, which allowed him to export all of his photos as one video. 

Once you're finished taking pictures and you've imported them into WeVideo, you can select all of the images at once and drag them onto your timeline. Next, a dialogue box prompt will pop up asking how long you want each image to be (12:45). Anywhere from .1 to .3 seconds per image seems to work well. The shorter the clips, the faster and smoother the finished video will be. Lastly, you can select all of the images at once and click "close gaps". This will get rid of any blank space between the images, resulting in a smooth video. 

Once you've got your video looking smooth and complete, you can add sound effects and background music to really bring your story to life. You can find a plethora of options in the stock media library by filtering for audio and then sound effects (17:35). 

After you've finished with the final touches, export and share your video. Make sure to tag @wevideo so we can see your awesome creations!