Get the leading green screen video editor

Easily change your video background to create amazing virtual settings using chroma key effects.
Make eye-catching video effects
Anyone can create green screen effects for video ads, social media, school projects and more. No experience required, no software to download.
Create quickly with green screen stock footage

Getting started with green screen is easy. Our professional stock library includes images and video clips, including green screen footage you can plug into your video. Search for a green screen background you like, then add in your own video footage.

How to make green screen effects with WeVideo
Record & import your video

Record yourself in front of a green screen background. Import your video file to WeVideo and drag it to the timeline. The clip you recorded goes in Video 2 track and your chosen background clip (of outer space, for example) goes in Video 1 track.

Open the clip editor

Double click on the green screen clip in the timeline to open the clip editor. Click the Color Keying tab.

Use the color picker tool

Select the color picker tool and then click anywhere on the green screen footage to apply the effect. The green screen effect should apply without the need to adjust the color settings, but you have the option to fine-tune those if you’d like.

Tips on making the perfect green screen video
  1. 1.
    Trim & split your videos
    WeVideo has everything you need to craft the perfect video to tell your story. Use our intuitive trimming and splitting tools to edit your footage exactly how you want to get the most out of your green screen video.
  2. 2.
    Resize your videos
    Want to share your video on Instagram? Facebook? Your living room TV? No matter where you plan to share it, WeVideo has a format or aspect ratio perfect for any destination. Easily export or repurpose your video in multiple formats with a couple of clicks.
  3. 3.
    Create a picture-in-picture (PIP) effect
    Want to create a picture-in-picture effect for your green screen video? WeVideo makes it easy to layer your video footage for a cool visual effect, plus adjust things like opacity to set the tone for your story.
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Frequently asked questions
How does green screen work?
Green screen is a visual effect that allows you to create any type of visual background or setting for your video. It’s a special effect often seen in the movies, but it can also be easily done at home with a green screen video editor like WeVideo.
Is a green screen editor free?
There are a lot of green screen editing options available out there, but you can find a few free and affordable options. WeVideo lets you try their intuitive online video editor for free and has green screen tools you can use.
How hard is it to edit green screen?
Editing a green screen video isn’t hard if you have the right tools. Try an easy-to-use video editor like WeVideo, that doesn’t require any video editing experience but still gives you powerful tools and professional-looking results.