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Engage your followers and grow your business with WeVideo’s online video ad maker for Facebook. WeVideo makes it easy to create, customize and repurpose your video content for News Feed, Stories and more.

How to make a Facebook video

Tips for making an effective Facebook video
How do you make a Facebook video that stops the scroll and drives results for your business? Follow our pro tips to create a like-worthy video that’ll captivate your viewers.

Tip #1

Keep it short
People are busy and attention spans are short. A good rule of thumb is to keep your video under two minutes long. For video ads, 10-15 seconds is the sweet spot.

Tip #2

Choose the right format
For viewing on News Feed, square format is best. If you’re creating a video for Stories, vertical is the way to go. The good news: with WeVideo, you can create once in any format and easily repurpose to horizontal, square or vertical format in just a few clicks. Easy!

Tip #3

Get to the point quickly
It’s crucial to engage your viewer within the first three seconds of your video. Adding movement, interesting visuals and captions can help hook your viewer and get your message across quickly. Don’t forget to add your branding, which is easy with WeVideo’s templates.

See what you can create with WeVideo

Making videos for Facebook is fast, fun and easy! No matter the industry or size of your business, WeVideo can help you get results on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Small business
Real estate
Since we introduced more video to Facebook, we’ve seen a massive increase… we are reaching 3,000 with each post… we had 62% more engagement on the first day without boosting or spending any money.
- Chelsea Manz, Ducks Unlimited Canada
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