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When students create multimedia, they tap into a wide variety of cognitive and social-emotional skills. Research shows that students learn more deeply by being hands-on creators of media, retaining and expressing what they’ve learned in ways that are unique to them.

Deeper learning
Research shows that through the process of video creation, students learn content more deeply. This requires students to actively process content and construct meaning via higher-order thinking. Preparing scripts, deciding how to tell a story, and reviewing and editing material all contribute.
Researchers have found that video creation projects significantly increase student motivation and engagement in the learning process.
Studies tie video creation to students’ ability to think creatively about problems. Nurturing student creativity has proven valuable both as a skill development and as a means to enhance learning.
Video creation projects are shown to promote students’ meaning-making process, which in turn shapes learning and improves vocabulary-building skills.
Research demonstrates that students who engage in video creation develop critical communication skills that will serve them beyond graduation, as they move into college and careers.
Incorporating video creation into the classroom simply makes learning more fun for students! Researchers have linked video projects to improved student satisfaction, enjoyment and collaboration.
Critical thinking
Researchers found that creating videos supports students’ ability to demonstrate critical thinking through data analysis, reasoning and interpretation.
Digital skills
No surprise here: studies show that video creation helps students gain increased competency in using technology, which is an essential skill for the current generation of learners.
Multimedia creation optimizes learning outcomes
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