Chroma Key

/ Lise Framstad

The chroma key effect, also known as green screen, is a favorite among our users. It is widely used in popular movies and TV shows and I'm almost certain that your favorite movie had at least one scene made using the chroma key effect. Green screen definitely lifts your video up a level and it is surprisingly easy to use.


Follow these simple steps to create your very first green screen video:


  1. First you need to find a solid colored background. It doesn't have to be green, but you should make sure that the people/objects that will be in front of the camera don't match the color of your background. If the background is green and the person in front of the camera is wearing a green t-shirt, his t-shirt will blend into the background (which can also be a fun project!). You can also make your own green screen by using a sheet, paint the wall, or use colored paper as a background.
  2. The trick to making sure your green screen video comes out perfect is light. Lots of light. You want to make sure that all shadows are eliminated so that the background is completely single-colored.
  3. When you're done recording your green screen video, it's time to import your video to the WeVideo editor. Once you have imported your media, place the green screen footage in "Video 2" and the background in "Video 1", as shown in the picture below:

    GreenScreen WeVideo

  4. Double-click on the green screen clip and choose the color-keying tab. Use the eyedropper tool to remove the background color, adjust to make sure the background is completely removed and hit "Done".


  5. And just like that, you have created your very first green screen video:

Click to download pdf
For more inspiration, check out the video our ambassador, Jennifer Leban, created to help students at her school getting started with green screen: