Add music to video online
Learn to add songs, sound effects and other audio to any video for free.
How to add audio to video

Select your video

Drag and drop your video file from your media or from our stock library and place it on your timeline. File size may be limited on the storage availability of our plan.


Add music to video

Adding background music is easy. Click the music icon and select the audio you want to use. Auto-loop your audio by selecting “Loop audio track” if it’s shorter than your video.


Export your video

After adding music, throw in some effects, make some edits and click Finish. Choose where you want to export and you’re done!

Why add sound to your videos with WeVideo

Select an audio track

Upload your own music or select an audio clip from our library. Upgrade for access to our stock media library.


Turn it up!

Boost your audio clips up to 5x their normal levels. This can be done on individual audio clips or your whole video.


Mix and transition

Use any WeVideo transition to fade audio in/out, mix in sound effects or background music to enhance your video audio.


It’s all in the cloud

No need to download software. All your videos live in the cloud and are available anywhere on any device.

Frequently asked questions
Add audio to video
There are a lot of various video editors available, but WeVideo makes it easy for anyone to add audio to your videos quickly, even with very little experience.
How do I add audio to a video for free?
You can upload your own audio file, choose from a library of free sound effects and music, or upgrade to access the WeVideo stock media library.
What video and audio file formats is WeVideo compatible with?
WeVideo supports AIF, MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV and WMA audio files and 3GP, 3GPP, AVI, DIVX, DV, FLV, M4V, MJPEG, MKV, MOD, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, M2TS, MTS, MXF, OGV, WEBM and WMV video files.