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4 ways to showcase student work with WeVideo galleries and playlists

/ Emily Tsay

WeVideo galleries and playlists are a great way to showcase the amazing things happening in the classroom and the greater school community. You can create playlists directly from finished videos and share videos within the privacy of your classroom, school, or district accounts.

4 ways to use the WeVideo gallery and playlists

1) Support school initiatives with monthly themed playlists  galleries
Does your school have a school-wide focus for something everyone is working on? For example, perhaps the month of November is focused on cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Create a playlist that shows videos of how this looks across the school community.
2) Showcase student work with a school-wide portfolio gallery
Walking around to all the classrooms and library at a school, we’re often able to see students’ work displayed. Displaying student work sends an important message to students: that we value their work and that we learn from each other. Creating WeVideo playlists with students’ digital work makes this same effect possible.
3) Host a movie day to appreciate student creations
It’s so satisfying for students to enjoy the finished creations that took a lot of planning, collaboration, research, creativity, and trial and error. Pop up some popcorn to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of their labor.  
4) Share galleries with parents
Give parents the opportunity to appreciate the incredible work happening with your school and classrooms. Videos communicate so much more than text or images alone. Bring to life the transformation happening with their children, by sharing the WeVideo gallery link with parents. 
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How to activate WeVideo galleries and playlists.

Have your account owner go into account settings to enable your organization's gallery. Your account owner can then set the name of the gallery, the privacy settings (public or private), and configure who can manage the gallery.
For example, you could set your account's gallery privacy setting to public, and then configure individual playlists to be public or private depending on whether you want to share internally with students and teachers, or externally with parents and community groups.

Once you’ve activated this feature, gallery managers can create playlists and add videos to the school gallery. Read this article or watch this video for more details on how to use the gallery and playlist features.

What ideas do you have for using galleries and playlists? Comment below or share with us on Twitter @WeVideo!