3 creative green screen effects in WeVideo

/ Max Thorpe

In this week's episode, Max and Tyler go over 3 fun green-screen effects that viewers can try from the comfort of their homes. In the first effect (6:50), Max uses a piece of green paper or his smartphone with a green image, to create an X-ray effect. By keying out the green using the chroma key tool in WeVideo and setting the video 1 track to a human skeleton, when the paper passes over Max's body, it shows the skeleton underneath, making it look like an X-ray. For the second effect (16:05), Max uses a green sheet to simulate an invisibility cloak. After keying out the green from the sheet, it reveals what's behind it. Lastly, for the third effect (18:00), Tyler and Max show how you can key out two different colors. Tyler explains how to first key out the green wall and then replace the background with desired stock clip. Next, he exports the video and then creates a new video with the exported clip. Finally, he keys out the blue and adds a new stock clip in the video 1 track.