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2022 WeVideo Updates Review

/ Max Thorpe

Max and Tyler kick off the first show of the new year, episode 77, by discussing the latest updates to WeVideo. The latest update includes a new Simplified editor option from the dashboard, as well as the Libraries feature for the stock media library.

Libraries update

With the latest libraries feature update, users now have additional sorting options for the stock media library. Users can switch between Videos, Images, and Audio in the left-hand menu now and there are pre-defined categories like Animals, Business, Effects and lower thirds, favorites, etc. (5:45). Additionally, the stock media video and image files no longer share the title of the clip when dragged onto your timeline (7:40). However, all stock audio files will continue to show the name of the clip when dragged onto your timeline.

Max and Tyler then point out that old capabilities like adding multiple clips to your timeline at once are still the same in the new update (8:50).

Simplified editor

Users can now select to use the Full-featured editor or the Simplified editor (formerly known as storyboard editor). Tyler and Max show how the Simplified editor still has access to the effects, text, and transitions like the Full-featured editor, but rather than a timeline of different track layers, each clip is shown by a rectangular thumbnail image (12:45). Next, the Tuesday Tips duo checks out the changes to the dashboard, pointing out the additional menu button options for the different editors, as well as the latest Valentine’s Day templates (16:00). Lastly, Max and Tyler wrap up the show by answering questions from the audience about what’s on the roadmap for future product updates (16:50).