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10 ways to use video to market your product or service

/ Lauren Colman

It’s 2021 and the internet is abuzz with awesome video content and video trends. If you’re not already marketing your business or brand with video, what’s stopping you? Not enough budget or staff to make one? You’d be surprised what you can create on your own with a video editor that makes it simple, fun and fast.

Here are 10 ways to incorporate video into your overall marketing strategy, complete with examples to give you inspiration. Many of these examples are from small businesses, and you’ll see that you don’t need a big budget or fancy equipment to create a killer marketing video. You can easily get started producing amazing video content for free today!

1. Testimonials

Combine the influence of a customer testimonial with the power of video. All you have to do is interview a happy customer and asking them about their experience with your product or service. Can’t get them in front of a camera? Display video clips and images of your team at work with written testimonials as a text overlay.



2. Fan-sourced content

Have your fans or users create the content for you! Ask customers to share videos on sites like Twitter or Instagram with a unique hashtag then combine those videos together to create a fully UGC (user-generated content) experience. UGC videos are great for capturing the customer’s perspective and sharing your product or service in action.



3. Vlog

Vlog is the shorthand for “video blog”. A vlog, with consistent updates, is a creative way to keep your customer-base updated on current trends, industry events and more. Feel free to be loose with your format and add some personality to your video. Try to keep a vlog for around 2 minutes in length and use the transcription from your video to do double-duty as a blog post.



4. Explainer

In basic terms, an explainer video describes something in a clear and concise way. Explainer videos are usually displayed on a company’s homepage and describe what the business does or tells the company’s story. Optimized explainer videos are usually between 90 seconds and 2 minutes, hook the viewer in the first 15 seconds and end with a clear call to action. You can also use this type of video to explain any part of your business that might need more clarification.



5. Community involvement

Does your business give back to the community? Do you have a community service program? Highlight your company’s community involvement by producing a video showing your employees giving back. Be authentic and make your video about the community you serve, not your company. Highlight your employees and the great work they are doing for the people, environment, etc.



6. Employee interview

Video can also be used to tell the story of your employees so customers can familiarize themselves with the people behind your brand. This can be very beneficial for support and sales teams so they can establish deeper relationships with the customers they deal with frequently. To create this video, ask your employees why they like working there and why they chose your company over others. Include video of employees at work, projects they are working on and, of course, the talking head interview of the employee you are featuring.



7. Behind the scenes

A behind-the-scenes video of your company’s office, equipment and employees at work gives customers and leads a peek into the process otherwise hidden. This is a great video to try out fun video tricks like time-lapse, slow motion and voiceover. Be sure to tell a story with a clear beginning, middle and end. Your goal should be to entertain while providing a deeper understanding of product or service.



8. Educational

Not all of your videos should feel promotional. Establishing your team as authorities within your field is a powerful way to drive prospects to your business. You have highly competent employees who would be able to provide industry knowledge, describe a confusing component of your industry or deep-dive into a concept related to your business, establishing them, and, in turn, your company as an expert.



9. How-to

How-to videos are similar to educational emails, the difference is that a how-to video can be more about things that are specific to your product or service. Use a how-to video as a tutorial to a new product line or for additional training on a specific service. Look to common customer questions for inspiration and build out a full reference manual video playlist like WeVideo did with their Academy page.



10. Brand personality

Infuse fun videos into your strategy that may not have a bigger purpose than to show your brand’s personality. If you don’t have time to make a separate video to do this, include humor or whimsy to any of the videos listed above. Let potential customers know that there are normal (read silly) people behind the company. Have dogs in the office? Create a video from their perspective. Tell their story of triumph over wrinkles.



This is not the definitive list of videos you can create for your business. The possibilities are endless! Try these and show us how they turn out or let us know what kind of video you would add to this list. Get started by using WeVideo, and share your ideas with the world!


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